Available these days in canada: first-ever strategy to adults coping with a existence-threatening kidney disease (adpkd)

Available these days in canada: first-ever strategy to adults coping with a existence-threatening kidney disease (adpkd) or dialysis in many

MONTREAL, QC, June 3, 2015 – Today, Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Corporation. announced that JINARC™ (tolvaptan), has become commercially accessible to be used in Canada. JINARC™ is indicated to slow the advancement of kidney enlargement in grown-ups with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD).

"ADPKD may have a significant effect on an individual’s health and excellence of existence, and frequently afflicts many people inside a family over the generations. Ultimately it results in kidney failure and the requirement for kidney transplant or dialysis in many people impacted by the condition,” states Dr. Phil McFarlane, nephrologist from Toronto. “With the supply of JINARC™, Canadians coping with ADPKD and also the clinicians who take care of them are in possession of a choice that may potentially slow cyst growth, delay disease progression, and improve symptom control.”

Roughly, 1 / 2 of polycystic kidney disease (PKD) patients achieve finish stage kidney disease (ESRD) and wish kidney substitute therapy by means of dialysis or perhaps a kidney transplant by age 54.1 Based on a current Canadian survey, nearly all ADPKD patients repeat the disease has impacted remarkable ability to: complete everyday activity, for example working or getting together with family (66 percent) travel and continue vacation (58 percent) and lead a proper and active lifestyle (56 percent).2 In addition, typically, two-thirds (67 percent) of ADPKD patients produce other family people who’ve been identified as having the condition.-

“When I had been first identified as having ADPKD 14 years back, it had been hard that i can believe that there weren’t any treatments that may slow the advancement of my disease,” states Cheri Barton, Ottawa, ON. “With the supply of JINARC™, there’s finally expect us but for the PKD community.”

Health Canada’s approval took it’s origin from the outcomes from the pivotal Phase 3 randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled TEMPO 3:4 Trial, the largest, Phase 3 study conducted up to now in grown-ups with ADPKD.3

About JINARC(tolvaptan)

JINARC™ was created during a period of 26 years with the persevering efforts of researchers in Otsuka’s Japanese pharmaceutical research center. Upon finding a cell signaling path that triggers kidney cysts to proliferate and enlarge,4 Otsuka launched an attempt in 2004 to build up a medication for that disease with the world’s leading ADPKD medical specialists. JINARC™ is really a selective vasopressin V2-receptor antagonist and it is indicated to slow the advancement of kidney enlargement in patients with ADPKD. Vasopressin is really a hormone normally accountable for maintaining water balance by stimulating water re-absorption within the kidney. Vasopressin levels are greater than usual in individuals with ADPKD. Our prime degree of vasopressin promotes cyst growth, which increases how big the kidneys.5 JINARC™ functions by blocking the results of vasopressin, which could slow lower the speed where cysts – and for that reason kidneys – grow. This ought to help safeguard kidneys from damage and failure.6 JINARC™, a two times-daily, dental medication,7 has become readily available for qualified patients in Canada by May 2015. JINARC™ is just available via a hepatic safety monitoring and distribution program conducted and maintained by Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Corporation. (OCPI) and managed along with patients’ treating physicians. Additionally, OCPI is funding a Canadian JINARC™ ADPKD patient outcomes registry open to all patients around the treatment.


ADPKD impacts roughly 35,000 Canadians8 and affects people no matter gender, age, race or ethnic origin.9 ADPKD is easily the most common, inherited kidney disease and it is mainly characterised through the development and growth of multiple fluid-filled cysts within the kidney, resulting in a rise in total kidney volume. Because of cyst growth, kidneys become considerably enlarged and, with time, kidney function deteriorates and can lead to complications which include chronic and acute discomfort, hypertension and kidney failure.10 The genetic mutation that triggers ADPKD is really a dominant trait meaning just one parent must be affected for his or her child to possess a 50 percent possibility of inheriting the condition.11

About Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Corporation.

Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Corporation. (OCPI) is definitely an innovative, fast-growing healthcare company that commercializes Otsuka medicines in Canada, having a concentrate on neuroscience, nephrology, oncology and cardiovascular health. OCPI is devoted to improving patients’ health insurance and the caliber of human existence. OCPI started this year, with headquarters in Saint-Laurent, Québec.

About Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Limited.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Limited. is really a global healthcare company using the corporate philosophy: ‘Otsuka-people creating new items for much better health worldwide.’ Otsuka researches, develops, manufactures and markets innovative and original products, having a concentrate on pharmaceutical products to treat illnesses and nutraceutical products for that upkeep of everyday health.

In pharmaceuticals, Otsuka is really a leading firm within the challenging section of mental health and has research programs for many under-addressed illnesses including t . b, a substantial global public ailment. These commitments illustrate more powerfully than words how Otsuka is really a “big venture” company in mind, applying a young spirit of creativeness in everything it will.

*Because of the low incidence population and also the small sample size with this difficult to achieve group, survey results ought to be construed directionally with caution.

To learn more, please contact:

Allison Rosenthal

Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Corporation.

(514) 332-3099


Erin Collett

(416) 849-8911



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2 The “ADPKD – Quality of existence patient study” was conducted with an paid survey by Vision Critical between November 21, 2014 and Feb 9, 2015, with 58 Canadian adults who presently have ADPKD. A probability sample of ADPKD patients of the identical size would yield a margin of error of +/- 13%.

3 JINARC™ Canadian product monograph. Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Corporation. Updated: Feb 23, 2015.

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Available these days in canada: first-ever strategy to adults coping with a existence-threatening kidney disease (adpkd) and for that reason kidneys6 Ibid.

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Available these days in canada: first-ever strategy to adults coping with a existence-threatening kidney disease (adpkd) illustrate more

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