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Robin e. canada, md profile in Primary Care

Selected Publications:

Robin Canada, MD, Louise Klusartiz, Phd, MSW, Jose Medina, MSW, Jow Garland, MD, Stephanie Van Decker, Esther Nivasch.: “The Complex Care Program: Navigation and Advocacy for Medically Complicated Undocumented Latinos at Puentes de Salud”

SGIM Poster : 2016.

Rebecca Davis, MD, Riley Lipschitz, MD Robin Canada, MD, Marc Shalaby, MD: “Coordinating Complex Care- A Bad Risk Residency Clinic”

SGIM Poster : 2016.

Canada, Robin E, Dirocco, Danae and Day, Susan.: "A Much Better Method of Opioid Prescribing in Primary Care" Journal of Family Practice 63 (6): 2014.

Robin E. Canada, MD, FACP: "Community Medicine Immersion Curriculum" SGIM poster : 2014.

Robin E. Canada, MD, Susan Day, MD, Danae Dirocco: "Applying Protocols and Risk Stratification for Chronic Opioid Management in Primary Care Patients with Non-cancer Discomfort" SGIM Poster : 2011.

Turner, Barbara J., Canada, Robin E.: "Speaking to patients about screening colonoscopy: Where conversations are unsuccessfulInch The Journal of Family Practice 56 (8): 2007.


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