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Canada’s healthcare product is several socialized medical health insurance plans that gives coverage to any or all Canadian citizens. It’s openly funded and administered on the provincial or territorial basis, within guidelines set by the us government.

Underneath the healthcare system, individual citizens are supplied preventative care and treatments from doctors in addition to use of hospitals, dental surgery and extra medical services. Having a couple of exceptions, all citizens be eligible for a coverage of health no matter health background, personal earnings, or quality lifestyle.

Canada’s healthcare product is the topic of much political debate and debate in the united states. Some question the efficiencies of the present system to provide treatments in due time, and advocate adopting a personal system like the U . s . States. On the other hand, you will find worries that privatization would result in inequalities within the health system with simply the rich having the ability to afford certain treatments.

Whatever the political debate, Canada does boast among the greatest existence expectancies (about eighty years) and cheapest infant morality rates of industrialized countries, which many attribute to Canada’s healthcare system.

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Health Care: U.S. vs. Canada


Bernie Sanders: Health Care: U.S. vs. Canada\n\nDr. Danielle Martin, a family physician from Toronto, compared health care in her country to the more expensive but less effective system in the United States. She was questioned at a Senate hearing on Tuesday by Sen. Bernie Sanders, the health subcommittee chairman, and Sen. Richard Burr, the ranking Republican. With a hint of sarcasm, Sanders asked the doctor to explain how come the conservative Canadian premier hasn’t gotten rid of the country’s health care system. In another exchange, as the Los Angeles Times put it, Dr. Martin “bats down the myths and misunderstandings about the Canadian system that Burr throws at her.” Burr, for example, asked why former Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams had a heart valve operation in Miami, where he owns a condo, instead of in Canada.锘

Ingrid Malik-Connor: I have also had very good results with VA. The years I gave in service to our country was a damn good investment for me in many unexpected ways.锘

CanadaCraig: It's not perfect. But FACT IS – NO CANADIAN worries that he might lose his HOME if he got sick.锘

burnit 01: People of Vermont are very lucky to have Sen. Bernie Sanders to represent them.锘

Drake B: Why are American's afraid of socialism. I have never paid for doctor, we all share the cost together锘

ThamnophisRex: jugy \nKiss our large-scale drug production and research good-bye. Who pays for all that?锘

Doug Cain: won't need the excessive drugs with proper health monitoring and check-ups. production and innovation don't stop because gov involved. look to DOD and NASA to see where US tax dollars provide great end products due to gov funded research. drug companies still exist, they just don't get to mark up the drugs for our healthcare, because now we negotiate price as a country, not as individual insurance plans.锘

Elroth999: "On average, how many Canadian patients on a waiting list die each year? Do you know?" "I don't sir, but I know that there are 45,000 in America who die waiting because they don't have insurance at all." BOOM锘

Joe Smith: Dr Danielle Martin is a Canadian hero.锘

Joe Smith: +Mark Doldon\n聽I accept your explanation.锘

mrfundamental247: 3:58 LOL that backfired real quick!锘

musiclover9361: He must have shat himself at that fast-as-lightning response. I felt that聽slap from over here in England!锘

Snapped Squire: Canadian vs American, Canadian uses flamethrower, its super effective锘

entschuldigung: Canada: Here are calm, logical reasons why Canada's healthcare system is better than anything America has ever done in its entire history.\nSenator Retard: Ya but 'murica锘

Greg Jacques' Church of Satan-Christ: +entschuldigung dream on. it`s all in name only and only for the rich.\n聽\n\nfuck you, nationalist trash. the concept of nation is an elite whip to divide the poor.锘