Cutting prescription medication costs by purchasing abroad

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Real Money: Save Big on Prescription Drug Expenses


JoseCleveland: We're hated as US Citizens and so if all you wanted was prescr. drugs, they'll give it to you. And then you see the medical bldgs./schools here increasing at very high rate\nand \nforeigners there WITH Iran's Ahmadinjad in their commercials about 10 days prior to $550 M anonymous donation to same med. school in Buffalo NY\nand yet..\nNo News From Washington DC.\nDid they cause physical pain to me? Yes, heart attack s allowed due to drugs daily & misdiagnosed while working at HUD? Flashbacks? no锘

JoseCleveland: I'm economics 6 yrs and so why have a good economy with the scenario below: no money no job and I'm not Navy Seal and it is not like I couldn't be talking or I'm so isolated by my teammates due to me talking about Secret Operations? No, they (fbi/cia and feds' police levels) did not do their jobs and did not give enough information to White House to call a war..that it, the War Situations, came out TO ME.\n911 Day etc.\nMany Terrorists' Heads drive thru area & it is illegal.\nIran, No Korea锘

JoseCleveland: No drugs or vitamins/minerals needed for drug takes memory away ?\nMaybe not; but HUD buffalo ny had employees drugged up by Kadafi's and no one knows if the govt will be addressing that issue. They led the one coworker by her looking at the enemy's feet and was walking.\nSo unless those kinds of inconveniences are normal to the USA Citizens, then what is this? Only I pay a price for USA War efforts & attacks and un-noted while many tried to capitalize & make money on my experiences.\nNo Mercy? y锘

Marc Boolean: You could save more with proper diet and excercise.锘

Astral Flux: Also I just discovered cvs gives you almost 50 % off when you use your triple a card! I used to pay anywhere from 20$ to 50$ for my monthly rx I shopped around and found Walmart with the best price…. But after today using my triple a card at cvs it was only 14$!!! Definitely a great deal for me!锘

Gail Fitches: All of you are a bunch of legal drug pushers. You are killing people with the drugs. I hope people wake up and start doing research on the side effects. There is no war on drugs. Lipitor almost killed one of the supervisors where I work. He got muscle death, and it shut down his kidneys. 锘