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At Jan Drugs we know that enhancing your health shouldn’t ruin your financial health. We offer top quality and safe Canadian and Worldwide logo and generic prescription medications. Fundamental essentials same high-quality medications manufactured underneath the strictest of standards that you’re accustomed to buying, but at a small fraction of the price. We have many generic equivalents like well.

Greater Than Great Prices

Among the leading on the internet and catalog shopping Canadian pharmacies, Jan Drugs has friendly, reliable and knowledgeable 24/7 customer support. As needed legally an authorized pharmacist can be obtained Monday to Friday to supply counseling and answer any queries you might have regarding your medications including individuals purchased elsewhere. At no cost, we’ll also take a look at health profile and medicines to prevent drug interactions and make sure the treatment fits your needs. Furthermore, we are able to set you track of your password for safe, secure online use of your full pharmacy records.

Jan Drugs is worldwide licensed through the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba, part of the Manitoba and Canadian Worldwide Pharmacy Associations and accredited by a number of third party accreditation agencies so you can rest assured we have your safety as our #1 priority.

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Taking care of Every Family member

Additionally to the safe, reliable discount prescription drugs, we offer affordable vitamins from brands you trust for example Jamieson, Sisu and Webber. With competitive pet medication prices in addition to customized pet prescriptions and medicine, Jan Drugs are now able to cover every single a family member!


Canadian Pharmacy Phone Call Revenge


kirkpadj: been dealing with this for years. i enjoy giving them the address to the white house lmao锘

hotdog: I got these Viagra pills from India and I've been running around with a stiffy chasing elephants ever since.锘

C H: They constantly spam my phone. Block their number and within a few weeks they change their number. This's been going on for years.锘

Narniak69: So nice of "Canadian Pharmacy" to confirm that their chewable Viagra are safe for kids.锘

Julie t: LOL锘

Genn Pinnick: OMG….Chewable Viagra for Kids!!! You're genius.聽 I hate these guys and they are clearly criminals.锘

Akoden Kuniklo: The guy is cute but the way he is talking he sounds like he'd be perfect in a stalker movie. 馃槢 lol锘


Julie t: 1 786 472 1775锘

Bobo Uzala: LMAO! 聽You're my hero today!!!锘

Niobesnuppa: "I find nothing wrong with that, alright? It's normal" WTF kind of childhood did this phone scammer have to think an adult showering naked with someone else's kid is normal? xD锘

Jim Gracie: i have alot of those calls also – i just can not keep it together as well as you can when you ream his butt … this one is a few days ago – others are on my youtube page = i call them terrorize a telemarketer ….锘

James Hofman: I love answering the phone: Hello city morgue…锘

Aradhya Daniel: oh shitt锘

joelco92: I've taken a more angry approach and just cussed em out… requested multiple times to put me on the do not call list and they're just like "Sorry sir I cannot do that". Fucking hate these people. They've called me like 3 times a day for the past year, always from random numbers that show up as being in the US. Yeah right.锘