Senators klobuchar and mccain introduce the safe & affordable drugs from canada act

Senators klobuchar and mccain introduce the safe & affordable drugs from canada act of Affordable Generics Act with

Klobuchar has championed efforts to deal with the cost of prescription medications, authoring multiple bits of legislation that will safeguard Americans. She introduced the Medicare Prescription Medication Cost Settlement Act that will permit the Secretary of Health insurance and Human Services to directly negotiate with drug companies for cost reduced prices for the Medicare Prescription Medication Program, eliminating the “non-interference” clause that specifically bans Medicare from negotiating to find the best possible prices. The federal government can harness the bargaining power nearly 41 million seniors to barter bigger discounts than insurance providers. She’s also introduced used by Use of Affordable Generics Act with Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) to grow consumers’ accessibility cost-saving generic drugs they require while increasing competition between drug manufacturers by assisting to finish “pay for delay” deals鈥攖he practice of brand name-name drug manufacturers using anti-competitive pay-off contracts to help keep less expensive generic equivalents from the market. Klobuchar became a member of with Senators Grassley, Patrick Leahy (D-VT), and Mike Lee (R-UT) introducing the Creating and Restoring Equal Use of Equivalent Samples (CREATES) Act to discourage pharmaceutical companies from blocking cheaper generic alternatives from entering industry.

Senators klobuchar and mccain introduce the safe & affordable drugs from canada act with Senator ChuckResourse:
Senators klobuchar and mccain introduce the safe & affordable drugs from canada act assisting to

Prescription Drug Prices Too High? Thank Democrats Like Cory Booker!


Christian Zaldivar: Corey Booker and Bob Menendez both voted no; both senators from NJ voted no amongst others, but TED CRUZ voted yes. 12 Dems voted no and Ted Cruz voted yes. Bizarre.锘

Dogbiteattorney Brooklyn: Patty Murray, the Seattle,Washington "Liberal" who supported Hillary and NOT Bernie received $333,444 from Big Pharma this past yr. She voted against lower drug prices! This is her Facebook Page…let her know she fucked up !锘

Erin Soriano: Christian Zaldivar check their "medicine-closet skeletonnnnz"锘

Jon Sprague: Progressives know by now that Booker is a corporate sellout锘

WarMachine750: Don't forget Booker's staunch defense of Bain Capital when Obama insulted the great institution in 2012.锘

Lynne Anderson: Or at least they should since it's been clear for years.锘

Jeri Okamura: All those Democrats who voted against this bill need to be replaced.锘

McQueenPress: Didn't Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley primary Hillary Clinton in 2016? We see how that turned out. The elite members derailed Clinton's opponents who then capitulated and endorsed. "Reforming the Democratic Party" or "taking over from within" has resulted in repeated derailments, underminings, and capitulations. IT'S BEEN DONE! Even when Barack Obama primaried Clinton in 2008 by pretending to be progressive, it was cosmetic. He moved to center-right and began a policy of appeasement to the Republican Party. Primaries have been done. Congress needs to turn Independent and 3rd Party in 2018. Not Blue. Certainly not Red.锘

Jeri Okamura: rapinjohn1 Yes, I joined Brand New Congress last spring.锘

timluns: We need to start backing the Green party or start a new one. The democratic party has thrown us under the bus it is because of the DNC that we have Trump锘

Leslie: So am I锘

Blair Schirmerx: I'm moving on from the greens. 20 years, a change election, running a repeat candidate so name recognition was there, and she got… 1%. For whatever reason they didn't catch on. How about… the New Deal Party ? Name recognition should be off the charts, it recaptures what sellout Dems left behind, and it begat the most popular president in US history. I like it.锘

Donna Gaffney: right…Dems are full of shit!聽聽聽 Dem Exit!!!聽聽 We need a new 3rd party….The Progressive Party!!!聽聽 NOW!!!!锘

Blair Schirmerx: Why limit it to progressives? The name shouldn't restrict it. I'm going to push for the New Deal Party for a while. The program is already there. For working people and the middle class. Strong social safety net. It birthed the most popular programs and the most popular president in US history.锘

Ahmad Jafar: The Bull Moose Party! Politically like Sanders and socially like Trump!锘