Shale canada water recycling and reuse congress 2015 – home

Shale canada water recycling and reuse congress 2015 - home And Sourcing For Shale

The Only Real Event Entirely Centered On Optimizing Water Treatment, Disposal, Storage And Sourcing For Shale Operations Within The Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin Returns To Calgary Because Of Its fifth Annual Edition Having A Completely Revamped Agenda And Speaker Line-Up

Within the wake from the oil cost drop Western Canada’s E&Ps are assessing every aspect of the operations to make sure optimal performance. As companies restructure, time is ripe to secure the economical advantages of a considered lengthy-term water management strategy.

Many pioneering initiatives and methods are now being trialled just like the advantages of older models are maximized.

But several questions should be clarified for shale gas and tight oil operators to flourish:

Just how can costs produced from water management in Western Canadian tight oil and shale gas plays be rationalized?

How have Western Canada’s leading E&Ps adapted towards the altering regulatory framework?

How much can water buying and selling and collaboration initiatives eliminate storage, transportation and disposal costs?

Now in the fifth year, the Shale Canada Water Recycling and Reuse Congress has not been a bigger factor.

Showcasing the trials, errors and advancements of Alberta and British Columbia’s most effective operators, this congress is driven by securing the economical benefits integral to each stage of the sophisticated water management plan.

Matters To Become Discussed Through The Congress:

  • Justifying Water Recycling At $60 A Barrel
  • Shale canada water recycling and reuse congress 2015 - home Compatibility Concerns And Frac Chemical

  • Optimal Water Hauling Options
  • Future Regulatory Directions
  • Water Collaboration Initiative Potential
  • Optimal Frac Fluid Chemistry


  • WATER TREATMENT: Deliberating On Attempted-And-Tested Water Recycling Processes, Mix-Play Compatibility Concerns And Frac Chemical Development To Improve Operating Margins
  • UPDATES ON KEY Rules: Discussing The Current Changes To, And Future Direction Of Regulation, Effective Updates, Potential Standardization And Provincial Specific Concerns To Boost Future Operational Security
  • E&P Proper COLLABORATION: Gaining Knowledge From Existing Water Buying and selling And Knowledge Discussing Consortiums And Analyzing Water Compatibilities And Customary Infrastructure To Maximise Efficient Water Use
  • CHEMICAL WATER TREATMENT: Analyzing The Compatibility Of Chemical Deployment Systems, Biocides And Solid Extraction Strategies To Ensure Top Quality Injection Fluids
  • WATER HAULING: Presenting Steel And Fiberglass Pipelines And Lay Flat Hose As Options To Trucking To Reduce The Price, Risk And Ecological Impact Water Transportation
  • WATER DISPOSAL: Assessing Statutory And Condition Rules On Water Disposal And Quantifying The Return on investment Of Disposal Wells To Make Sure Minimum Expenditure On Water Disposal

Shale canada water recycling and reuse congress 2015 - home on investment Of Disposal