Refugees leave the u.s. hoping better treatment in canada : npr

Refugees leave the u.s. hoping better treatment in canada : npr in management

Newcomers are rapidly vetted by border agents. If they are found to possess criminal history records, they are deported. But Dupuis states most families ought to begin settling in Canada, whilst their applications for refugee status are now being made the decision.

"They obtain card, their Medicare card. We have registered their kids in schools. There is a non-permanent visa. The fundamentals are taken proper care of," Dupuis states.

She acknowledges that some Canadians are uncomfortable with this particular latest rush of refugees. A debate keeps growing here within the question of the number of newcomers Canada should welcome. But Dupuis predicts that many of asylum seekers fleeing the U.S. is going to be permitted to remain.

Only a couple of days after crossing the border unlawfully, Ahmed states his family’s existence has already been completely different. They are searching to have an apartment and he’s looking for a job and perhaps return to school.

"I am a graduate, so further on I am intending to possess some diplomas in management so will be able to possess a better future," Ahmed states.

A final note about Mohamed Ahmed’s family: His three-month old boy was created when they remained as in Nj, so when they locate a safer and prosperous future in Canada, one family member will stay a U.S. citizen.


Number of refugees leaving the U.S for Canada spikes


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