Pectus carinatum treatment in canada: current practices. – pubmed – ncbi

Pectus carinatum treatment in canada: current practices. - pubmed - ncbi braced were satisfied


Multiple treatments presently exists for the correction of pectus carinatum (PC). We performed market research of Canadian pediatric surgeons to define current practices.


All active people of Canadian Association of Paediatric Surgeons were surveyed online during wintertime 2011 with the Canadian Association of Paediatric Surgeons Site. Laptop computer assessed multiple areas of PC evaluation and treatment, with particular focus on the concept of bracing.


Forty-five active people (85%) responded, who 32 (71%) presently treat PC. Fifty-3 % of practices are low volume (<5 patients annually). In terms of preferred or most used treatment modality, 69% of surgeons used bracing, 25% performed Ravitch repairs, 3% performed open minimal cartilage resections, and 3% performed reverse Nuss procedures. Of 23 surgeons (72%) who used bracing, 83% used it for most or the patients. Fifty-seven percent judged their bracing results as good or excellent, and 74% felt that most or all patients braced were satisfied 80% and 88% agreed or strongly agreed that bracing was generally preferable to surgical repair and that bracing should be first line treatment, respectively.


Bracing may be the preferred strategy to PC by most Canadian pediatric surgeons, despite insufficient prospective outcome data. This presents an chance for any multicenter prospective study.

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Pectus carinatum treatment in canada: current practices. - pubmed - ncbi all patients braced wereResourse:

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