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To the testimonials for the time being…

"Wanted to transmit a quick email to show you the treatment has truly helped. It’s apparent he’s feeling better. Better attitude, elevated openness to eating other foods so we can now reward him permanently choices (formerly rewards didn’t work while he didn’t care). Appreciate working that certain out!"

"I do not have the language to explain how you’ve impacted us. You fearlessly went where other doctors will not, as well as your courage and understanding are extremely appreciated. You gave us our daughter back! We still hope for future years and therefore are very positive. I should also personally appreciate your reassuring voice over the telephone. You’ve calmed me lower in no time of increased anxiety."

"Wanted to show you our son’s signs and symptoms tend to be improved. Thanks greatly for the guidance and proper diagnosis!"

"Our boy does well at this time together with his signs and symptoms 🙂 His teacher is commenting about how much change she’s observed in him (for that good) since September! Also, we’d our appt with Dr. Evelyn Stewart on Tuesday. I was relieved to listen to from her that he’s the “poster child” for PANDAS/PANS. She totally took in to and validated us and told us to help keep doing what we should do and remain the program using the antibiotics until we follow-up together with her in 6 several weeks. Amazing! We’re grateful to possess her support using the diagnosis it advised me how grateful we’re for you personally. You trusted in and supported us when no docs would. You dramatically improved our way of life and also the existence in our boy. Thank you for staying with us. We’re beyond grateful for you personally!Inch

Thanks everybody!
Dr. Wilson


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