LifetimeĀ® wood treatment non-toxic wood stain

Natural substances penetrate the wood fibres, permanently modifying the wood structure. Independent laboratory testing confirms that LifeTimeĀ® non-toxic wood stain creates no dangerous residue in soils and water. LifeTimeĀ® is friendly to plants, creatures and individuals and could be utilized in direct connection with soil.

Simple To Use

Just mix with water and apply

A powder concentrate obtainable in 4.5 litre/1 imp gallon and 22 litre/5 imp gallon packages. Just mix with water.


Never scrape or re-stain again Doesn’t fade or put on

Its that easy. LifeTimeĀ® could be stored indefinitely in powder or liquid form. Should you only mix the thing you need, you won’t ever have considerable amounts of LifeTimeĀ® solution remaining.

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The recipe for LifeTimeĀ® Wood Treatment non-toxic wood stain continues to be handed lower for more than six decades through three generations of woodworking craftsmen. This family-managed business makes LifeTimeĀ® available commercially in Canada for 25 years, and it has eventually be available around the globe. We’re proud to possess made it feasible for house owners, contractors, and manufacturers to talk about within the time-tested advantages of this fantastic product which is frequently immitated, but never equalled.

Increased concerns about our atmosphere and also the protection in our natural sources are apparent everywhere. Therefore, the availablility of the non-toxic, eco-friendly method is truly, great news for those. Users of LifeTimeĀ® Wood Treatment non-toxic wood stain may benefit greatly through savings in money and time, while lessening the dangerous effect on our soil, air, water, and forests. Lets do our part.

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LifeTimeĀ® Wood Treatment

Non-Toxic Wood Stain Are Available:

LifeTime can be found at many retail locations including TIM-BR Mart, Home Hardware, Totem Building Supplies, Ace Hardware Stores, Windsor Plywood, True Value, I Wood Care, IRLY Building Centres, Kent, Arctic Inland Building Products, Living Rooms, Slegg Lumber, Build It Naturally, Rona, Armand Malo, Schroeder Log Home Supply

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Daniel B: Hi, how long does it take to dry? Thanks for the infolļ»æ

Mike Smith: How is this any different from a product thatĀ I used a few years ago called Eco Wood Treatment? Couldn't this be a trademark issue??ļ»æ

GodBlessHipHop: or you could fill up a milk gallon or gas tank and pour exactly one gallon in?? Ā This also acts like a water sealant as well?? or does this protect against water damage??Ā ļ»æ

RegMacManTV: Was the table supposed to look like your wood fence.ļ»æ

TBoanProds: +RegMacManTV Not exactly. The fence isn't treated, but the box I treated turned much darker and continued to with time taking on a dark silvery shade. There is a point at which it no longer darkens, it looks very nice. That old fence is ugly in comparison.ļ»æ