Could it be correct that, in canada, cancer patients don’t have to purchase their treatment since the government will pay for it? – quora

Could it be correct that, in canada, cancer patients don' title=

Yes, from the purpose of look at the care consumer this is correct.

The entity that really pays may be the provinice-administered medical care insurance, that is funded by taxes. The us government negotiates with respect to these insurance pools to 3rd parties (drug and device manufacturers, for example), that has the result of keeping costs low. Taken like a group, Canadians enjoy an excellent cost to result ratio.

Critics of the system, that is known as ‘single-payer’, declare that it cuts down on incentives to purchase research into new treatments because income are extremely low for that drug and device manufacturers. They accuse the Canadian government of serving as a totally free rider around the profits individuals companies make within the U . s . States. Some investigation backs this up. Additionally, medical service providers make less cash within their practice and produce less rewards from speaking charges at drug and device conferences, which incentivizes moving the practice to some country with greater earning potential.

Proponents respond the research showing the motivation problem is commonly funded by drug companies, and thus is sort of suspect, which is very difficult to use whatever actual “brain drain” in emigration data, particularly once medical expert immigration is taken into consideration.

Canada is one thing of the outlier in getting this type of completely socialized healthcare system, but many developed economies have healthcare systems that don’t put the costs for costly illnesses for example cancer on the individual and/or their employer. The U . s . States is extremely unusual in connection with this, although it ought to be noted that each states differ extremely in controlling what costs insurance providers are permitted to pass through to the consumer.


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