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Civil treatment® for leaders – canada - eli ways they might not

Instead of concentrating on what the law states solely, CTL-Canada concentrates on an array of behaviors to provide a comprehensive learning solution according to realistic business simulations to spark new insights for the leaders in how“doing what we’ve always done”is affecting leads to ways they might not have considered. With easy and sustainable learning models and tools, your leaders will build up skills shown to positively impact your working environment culture and business results.

Course Overview

Civil Strategy to Leaders – Canada (CTL-Canada) leverages proven adult-learning methodologies to supply a dynamic, different and experiential learning.

Civil Strategy to Leaders – Canada simulates probably the most important conversations your leaders may have using their people.

Do you enjoy an answer that gives insight for leaders at each stage of the careers and also at every degree of the business? Civil Treatment® for Leaders – Canada addresses your organization’s most compelling and urgent priorities for creating and looking after a civil, productive, and inclusive work atmosphere including: Welcoming concerns, coaching and managing performance, addressing inappropriate behavior, making employment decisions, and modeling the behaviors that ensure a comprehensive work atmosphere.


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