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Canadians happen to be visiting Florida for pretty much a hundred years to flee the ice and snow of Canada’s winters. Now they’re coming all year long round to Novus Medical Detox Center in Pasco County, Florida, to see the incredible advantages of Novus’ cutting-edge drug detox program medical protocols, which aren’t available any place in Canada.

There are a variety of things causing Canadians to appear outdoors Canada for drug detox services. Based on Canadian patients coming for medications at Novus Medical Detox Center in Florida, Canadians too frequently experience:

  • Huge delays鈥攆our or even more months鈥攊n admittance to Canadian drug detox and medications facilities
  • No drug detox obtainable in Canada whatsoever for greater-dose methadone addiction
  • Medically out-of-date, ineffective, one-size-fits-all and brutally impersonal drug detox programs.

Huge Delays In Admittance To Canadian Drug Detox Programs

& Treatment Centers

The overall lack of beds for drug detox in Canada follows decades of misplaced funding whatsoever amounts of government. Concentration on “harm reduction” policies that promote substitute drugs, for example methadone for opiate addiction, have siphoned off countless tax dollars that could have been accustomed to construct and staff up drug detox and medications facilities. To hurry up the entire process of their medications, many Canadians are searching for addiction help in the united states, and while looking for cure center find Novus Medical Detox Center in Florida.

No Canadian Drug Detox Readily available for

High-Dose Methadone Addiction

In Canada, as in the united states and elsewhere on the planet, methadone is supplied through government programs as “treatment” for addictions to heroin along with other opioids.

Regrettably, the “harm reduction” philosophy so prevalent on the planet keeps people addicted instead of providing them with off drugs and back to some productive, drug-free existence.

Methadone is really a seriously addictive narcotic, as well as for most people seeking substance abuse help, they soon discover that methadone withdrawal is even more complicated than withdrawing from heroin along with other opiates.

It’s particularly significant that ladies of kid-bearing age withdraw because methadone can adversely affect the healthiness of innocent babies.

And methadone, like several narcotics, builds physical tolerance鈥攖he more you utilize, the greater you’ll need. The more someone is on methadone, the greater methadone they’re compelled to consider or suffer withdrawal signs and symptoms.

The primary trouble with methadone addiction is the fact that methadone substitute therapy routinely reaches dosage amounts of 80mg to 100mg each day, and even 200mg or greater aren’t uncommon.

Methadone prescribed for discomfort frequently has deadly effects.

Here’s why methadone is really addictive.

Still unsure about moving away from methadone now? Browse The Methadone Prison.

Canada - drug detox program on  methadone, the greater

No Assist in Canada for top Dose Methadone Addiction

But withdrawing from methadone is really difficult that couple of drug detox centers on the planet need patients taking greater than 30mg to 50mg a day. This is really true ion in Canada, where methadone has produced a nightmare existence for a large number of Canadians trapped by high-dose methadone addictions.

Fortunately, Novus Medical Detox Center accepts high-dose methadone patients for drug detox, an undeniable fact that has become known across Canada.

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Detox Advisors can be found seven days a week.

Canada’s drug detox technologies are, like the majority of the rest from the world, way behind the bend. There has been outstanding breakthroughs in drug detox, and Novus Medical Detox Center has pioneered new medical protocols which are attracting patients from over the USA and Canada.

Most drug detox centers treat most sufferers precisely the same鈥攐ne size fits all, and little is performed to personalize treatment or improve the individual experience.

The Novus Medical Drug Detox Program

At Novus Medical Detox Center, new medical and dietary approaches are considerably increasing the patient experience for individuals undergoing our drug detox program. Visitors from over the USA and Canada take advantage of:

  • Medical supervision 24 hrs each day, seven days a week
  • Programs that match each patient’s unique needs
  • Monitoring and upkeep of proper hydration levels, so necessary to effective drug detox
  • Utilization of natural dietary supplements
  • Utilization of nutrient-enriched IV treatments
  • Utilization of medicinal aids to lessen withdrawal signs and symptoms.

The Conclusion: Canadians Are Visiting Novus Medical Detox Center for Substance Abuse Help

Many Canadians with drug or alcohol troubles are visiting Florida to Novus Medical Detox Center because they’re fed up with the delays to get addiction assist in Canada. Once they choose to become drug free finally, delays would be the last factor they require.

Canadians caught within the web of high-dose methadone addiction will also be receiving treatment securely and effectively every single day at Novus. Canadians trying to finish their methadone addiction and dependence are some of the most frequent people to Novus.

And Canadians are telling their buddies and families about Novus Medical Detox Center because each detox program is made to match each patient’s unique health needs. Patients experience less and fewer intense withdrawal signs and symptoms compared to what they ever expected. And vital that you Canadians abroad, Novus patients cut back time detoxing compared to what they would at any drug detox center in Canada.

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