Should cosmetic surgery be legal in canada? by karishma chagger on prezi

Should cosmetic surgery be legal in canada? by karishma chagger on prezi youngsters are becoming
Who do you consider is much more attractive?
Kim Kardashian
Undermining evolution
individuals normalizing modifications for vanity
A parent’s plastic surgery may also influence their children’s body image, motivating these to undergo exactly the same procedures.
Cosmetic surgery & Cultural Norms
"the wealthy don’t get sound advice using their money"
encourages the rich to purchase cosmetic surgery
Mental effect on a person
Should Cosmetic Surgery be Legal in Canada?
Halle Berry
Cosmetic Surgery sets an impractical standard of beauty which could warp ones concept of what it’s to become "attractive."
Altering your body erodes the bottom of evolution and just how people specified for to appear.
morally wrong to alter the body
Cosmetic surgery which has gone wrong can lead to feelings of suicide.
permanent damage done
people would prefer to die than live "ugly"
practiced all across the globe for hundreds of years

rebuilding procedures to injections and fillers

irreversible process
What’s cosmetic surgery?
Even though it is presently utilized in Canada, the concept of cosmetic surgery abides by cultural norms, undermines evolution, and can lead to mental health issues and for that reason, ought to be abolished.
youngsters are becoming an adult using the wrong heroines
influence from the media
Cosmetic surgery in media socializes youthful individuals to become vain and cost their looks for an extreme.
more essential things in existence
harm capability to interact in society
Physical beauty and cosmetic surgery could possibly get obsessed with classism.
Cosmetic surgery is basically false advertisement and may create problems when looking for a partner.
People who seek extensive cosmetic procedures might have body dysmorphic disorder.
consider their real or perceived flaws for hrs every day
never finding satisfaction
meet their parents
forms a cycle
Plastic surgery may cause depression.
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Should cosmetic surgery be legal in canada? by karishma chagger on prezi the concept of cosmeticResourse:
Should cosmetic surgery be legal in canada? by karishma chagger on prezi it is

Kierra "Kiki" Sheard's Shares Her Cosmetic Surgery Story | MadameNoire


jareyn98: I'm reading some very interesting comments on here. Many of you seem to be refuting her comment about God not requiring us to be perfect by quoting the scriptures that state "be perfect' or "be holy". I think some of you are taking her statements out of context. Of course God requires us to walk in holiness, but when he commands us to be perfect He is referring to maturity and walking in integrity. Not being flawless. God would never command His people to be something we don't have the capacity to be. Only He is perfect without flaw. Kiki was just referring to the fact that as long as our spirit bodies are encased in fleshly bodies, we will suffer some level of imperfection and God was well aware of that when He created us.锘

Resona James: I like certain songs she's sang as well as songs from other gospel artists, but I can see that the "world" is creeping in by the nature and tone of their songs and the manner in which they switch it up subtly, think on that word subtle… who know who else is subtle. I've never watched their TV show, I don't watch TV. We as Christians should pray for all of them that God will truly get a hold of their heart and open their eyes to see the real truth. Proverbs 16:25 KJV "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."锘

Jordan Scott: For the comment below Lol How you gone try to correct somebody with the word of God while cursing them out at the same time. Sounds like a Contradiction to me……she was saying even tho God wants a holy life from us he knows we won't be perfect. JESUS was the only perfect human being and through his PERFECTION Grace covers our wrongs. I don't care if you came out of the womb with a skirt on, if your heart isn't to ultimately please God, it means nothing. There are people in the church doing "good works" and don't love God. Anyway, Love God and Love people….first two commandments 锘

Mellinnia J: People esp. these extra Christians are so biased its shameful. This lady is telling her story and keeping it real and now people wanna say she turning worldly and all this nonsense. People need to stop trying to make the bible fit they criterias and what they want it to mean to make them feel better about their own faults. Half of their kids prolly the total opposite of what they so call preaching. Get ur own life together and ur own kids together why u judging someone elses life. You know JUDGING people in the bible too for you extra part time christians on here commenting. Go get ur life cause she getting hers. 锘

Brenda Kite: Gluttony is wrecking alot of saved folk.锘

Nubian Prince: Bible tell us in 2 Timothy 2:23 to not entertain foolish conversation.. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This woman is cover by the BLOOD of JESUS, so no weapons that form against her, shall prosper. IN JESUS NAME!!!锘

lilalila82: Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world鈥攖he desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life[a]鈥攊s not from the Father but is from the world. -1 John 2:15-16锘

ddoddy76: Wow did someone really post on here the scripture in Matthew … Concerning being perfect as our God.. With a concept that we can actually be perfect as God!!! Lord thank God for Jesus , and grace cuz I yet wait to see a perfect person….. Limbo! I get what Kiki saying … Ppl doing way to much on here… I guess that's what perfect ppl do锘

gerald surratt: Remember you are not perfect she is right. Some people think that they know everything about God and they are the only one has the solution. Try to share God with as many people you can. Everyday make somebody feel good. We don't know everything about God like we think we do. Every time I try to figure him out he changes he plan for me in a way I will never figure out. Everybody journey is their own.锘

Nerissa Felicien: …"Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Math.5:48 so yes God does expect us to be perfect!锘

MICHAEL BOLDEN: singing for yourself….???? what about singing for the Lord? you listen to other generes of music??? 聽is this holiness … you get bored with God? 聽GOD EXPECTS US TO BE PERFECT YOUR A LIAR 聽 MAT:5:48Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. 聽YOU TALKING ABOUT PLANTING SEEDS…. YOU NOT PLANTING SEEDS OF 聽RIGHTEOUSNESS. u just got some skin cut off? oh Lord i gotta change this!锘

rose petals: This girl is Soooo confused and twisted.Her pastor father didn't teach her anything. She does not know the word of GOD! Live our lives for ourselves!? Are you kidding me! We are suppose to live our lives for JESUS CHRIST! Then she says GOD doesn't even expect us to be perfect,JESUS says be Ye PERFECT as your FATHER in heaven is perfect. Stop being worldly and seeking fame,and learn the word of GOD! She brags about listening to all genres of music. WOW! Some Christian. SMH!! So sad. End times.锘

Dawson Robinson: WTF she said? (1:47) God don't expect you to be perfect? What god does she worship? Then this hair hatted hooligan, crime boss, stated in her house of demonic worship, 'We encourage to each other to live our lives for ourselves" The female is drunk from the constant lies she tells the foolish!\nThese are black christian preacher's daughters at their best, the quickest to act worse than a prostitute. then when confronted or questioned they're going to find someway of place God and or the Messiah in their madness as an excuses as this women just did.\nThen she professes that living within the will of the Most High can be a curse. Proof positive that she doesn't know the Bible, she professes to worship. Then she had the audacity to say that she has her fleshly desire like everyone else, and that comes first before the BS scam she's running on the fools in her house of abominations in the guise they call the Christian Church.\nsmdh聽锘

Kimberly Murray: We are told in the Bible to strive for perfection. Most of you gospel singers want to be worldly. Find a reason to be worldly. Come from amongst them and be separated.锘

MARIE STONE: You can never live your life to please others. You have live a life pleasing to God and everything else will fall into place.锘