Ftm top surgery in canada – surgeon list

  • Alberta
  • Bc
  • Manitoba
  • Quebec
  • Ontario
  • Quebec


Dr. William De Haas, MD

Riverview Surgical Center

3125 Bowwood Dr. NW


Dr. Martin Giuffre, MD, FRCSC

Plastic and Cosmetic Laser Surgical Center at Meadowlark

178 Meadowlark Center

Edmonton, AB

Dr. Lisa Korus, MD

#227 9148 23 Ave. NW

Edmonton, AB

Dr. Rodrigo Neira, MD

5201 43 St.

Red Deer, AB

Dr. Kirsten Westburg, MD

4419 50 Ave., #101A

Red Deer, AB


Dr. Cameron Bowman, MD

Fairview Cosmetic Surgery Center

999 West Broadway, #480

Vancouver, BC


Dr. Lorne Brown, MD

#830-6091 Gilbert Rd.

Richmond, BC


Dr. Michael Jacoby, MD

105-1315 Summit Dr.

Kamloops, BC

Dr. Jason Grey, MD

Dr. Jennifer Robinson, MD

Dr. Christopher Taylor, MD

Victoria Surgery

1625 Oak Bay Ave.

Victoria, BC



Dr. Kenneth Murray, MD, FRCSC, FACS

Cosmetic Surgery Associates

444 Saint Mary Avenue, Suite 240

Winnipeg, MB

Dr. Stephanie Olivier, MD

Health Sciences Center

820 Sherbrook St.

Winnipeg, MB

Dr. Robert Turner, MD, FRCSC

Aesthetic Solutions Winnipeg

Unit 10, 1250 Waverley St.

Winnipeg, MB


Dr. Louis Boileau, MD

The Landings Surgical Center

1477 Lower Water St., Ste 7A

Halifax, NS


Dr. Ali Adbifar MD, DDS, FRCS(C), FRCD(C)

195 Avenue Rd.

Toronto, ON

Dr. Mitch Brown, MD & Dr. John Semple, MD

Women’s College Hospital

Toronto, ON

Dr. Marc DuPere, MD, CM, FRCSC

Visage Clinic

Fashion District, 179 John Street, #209

Toronto, ON

Dr. Mario Jarmuske, MD FRCSC

The Ottawa Hospital

501 Smyth Road, Module S, Room S6

Ottawa, ON

Dr. Hugh McLean, MD

50 Burnhamthorpe Rd. West, #343

Mississauga, ON

Uses informed consent.


Dr. Maud Belanger, MD, FRCS-C

Dr. Pierre Brassard, MD, FRCS-C

GRS Montreal

995 De Salaberry

Montreal, QC

Last updated: 06/22/16

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