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Your safety and gratification is very important to Sacramento Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Semlacher and the staff. Dr. Semlacher is really a Canadian Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon. He’s presently the Director and Chief of Cosmetic Surgery in the Whim San Juan Clinic. He’s dedicated his practice to the skill of cosmetic and rebuilding surgery. His goal would be to supply the greatest degree of surgery with uncompromised safety. Dr. Semlacher’s concentrate on patient education is crucial to helping clients completely understand the procedures he offers.Dr. Roy Semlacher is really a Canadian born, Board Certified, Cosmetic Surgeon who graduated with honors in the College of Bc School Of Medicine in Vancouver, Canada. Following extensive learning Cardiovascular Thoracic surgery Dr. Semlacher continued to accomplish a residency in Cosmetic Surgery with cosmetic fellowships in the College of Irvine and Hawaii.

Dr. Semlacher established fact in Sacramento and Roseville California for his outstanding technical abilities in Cosmetic Cosmetic Surgery in addition to his safety and communication skills. Using the mixture of safety and vast surgical experience by Dr. Semlacher combined with the outstanding, friendly, professional staff Dr. Semlacher became one from the top Cosmetic Surgeons for Breast Enhancement within the Sacramento area.

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Tania Lucely: The point of this video is to let you girls know that everyone has insecurities, some worse than others. And surgery is not always the answer. I'm definitely not saying everyone that has had surgery has done it because they have Body Dysmorphic disorder, and I'm not against surgeries and enhancing your beauty, everyone should be able to do whatever they want with their body, but you shouldn't get surgeries only because you hate yourself or to impress others. It is something serious and there's many risks. Being beautiful should not be your priority in life. Physical beauty doesn't last forever. If you are not happy with yourself, surgery is not always the answer. You need to work on your inner self and change your priorities so you can be fully happy and enjoy the only life that you have.\nI hope this video was helpful.锘

Arabella C: I would love to hear about your egg donation story! I actually went through the whole interview to try to donate but was turned down because of family medical history锘

Carol: Woahh those pics that the lady took of you when you were 18-19 are gorgeous!!锘

nigelica browne: why is it always the prettiest girls whose most insecure? I mean what are we plan janes suppose to feel? lol锘

Cindy Valencia: You were so pretty before now you look like everyone else what you should've done is left that fuckboy that put you down and loved yourself 锘

katherine soa: Youve like never been ugly. Youre what I wished I looked like锘

LanaK: I did the EXACT same thing. Everyone thought I was CRAZY, and maybe I am. I had to write an essay in University about gamete donation, and during my research I found out how much money you could make for egg donations. I applied and went through with the egg donation so that I could pay for a rhinoplasty, sinceI had a small bump on the side of my nose bothered me. No one had ever told my my nose was big or weird before, so I think I was over exaggerating and being obsessive with my appearance. I took a semester off college (and without telling my parents or ANYONE) I had the rhinoplasty, and now I regret it SO much. I wish I could just go back in time, keep the money, and have my old nose back. When you change one feature about your nose or your face, it changes other things too. The surgeon changed my entire nose, and I feel like it looks too different and doesn't suit my face now. It's like he fixed one problem, and replaced it with several more. Anwyay, I do not reccommend cosmetic surgery if you only dislike a little thing or don't completely HATE your nose. Because it changes alot and there are also risks. I also regret not telling my family or friends, because I knew they would try to talk me out of the surgery. But it would have been the best thing if they HAD talked me out of it. I really want to have a revision rhinoplasty now, which can cost up to 20,000 (since they cost more than primary rhinoplasty). It's just a mess锘

Shook !: I really appreciate the fact that you're honest with us ������鉂 It is so hard to find somebody who will speak the the truth about they're insecurities… I'm not going to say that I woke up everyday and look at the mirror and say I'm Beautiful It is really Hard To not noticing and seeing your imperfections like My skin acne and scars and holes and , teeth eyebrows face structure and specially Nose ���� it is something that I've struggling with since my childhood cause i have a crooked nose which makes my face look so ugly i know I have no family to support me … i only go out if I have school and every time i go I'm wearing natural makeup look to make me feel better about myself i wear glasses to hide my crooked nose and I wear cute outfits even if i wanted to take the trash out锘

Claudia Templaria: So you got nose work, breasts , eyes, and you also got skin bleaching?锘

TheMiikuchan: So, you were dating and he told others girls they were pretty? Something seems wrong there锘

laura russet: If he was your boyfriend.. he shouldn't be telling other girls there pretty.. just my opinion锘

Andre Resendez: You look like Priyanka Chopra.锘

Samantha Cruz: It's society that ruins our self confidence. We focus so much on outward beauty we lose our inward beauty. But girl you're beautiful inside and out and I'm sorry society has effected you so greatly like it has done with me. I had a nose job a few months ago. After severely damaging it when I was 10. It was so broken and deformed and I couldn't breathe. I had infections and colds almost weekly it seemed. But I got it fixed inside and out and now I feel like I can be myself and not feel incredibly insecure and have low self esteem . God made us all beautiful, we shouldn't have to feel otherwise because of what others say about us , or what media says is beautiful. You look amazing and even if you never got the surgery at all you'd still look amazing锘

Beemanq: An attractive phenotype is meant to represent an excellent genotype. You may lie to yourselves and cut and graft however many weird things you want to your faces and bodies, but you cannot fool Mother Nature. Only naturally attractive people can call themselves the apex specimens of our species. Hate on me, I don't give a shit. It's the harsh truth.锘

lauren: oh god I'm ugly锘