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Toronto Pharmacy (TDS) is property, noticed in August 2010. More complete discussion from the fraudulent nature of those sites is around the pages for his or her other brands. Charge of this organization continues to be related to the spammer while using pseudonym Alex Polyakov. Exactly the same number of scam pharmacy brands is called "Yambo Financials" by Spamhaus.

TDS utilizes a secure payment system at checkout, on



owner-fname: Andrey

owner-lname: Polev

owner-street: ul. Krasnaya d.117 kv.119

owner-city: Solnechnogorsk

owner-condition: Moskovskaya oblast

owner-zip: 199538

owner-country: RU

owner-phone: 7.4963612199

owner-fax: 7.4963612199


The checkout site uses an SSL certificate from

PositiveSSL CA

Comodo CA Limited

Like other sites, pretty much every claim made on CNP sites is really a lie.

False PretensesEdit

Fake StaffEdit


As always with sites, their supposed staff physicians are really models whose photos can be found from Getty Images.

Fake LocationsEdit


The address given for his or her supposed primary office is 155 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario. The clumsy British around the page makes a person immediately suspicious about whether these folks have ever set feet in Canada:

We’ve made the decision to maneuver the overall stream of knowledge to the online Support

Department, so 90% of queries are processed online. A unique contact ticket

system will be a helping hands for the clients while attempting to call us by

reason. Still if you prefer a in person audience and among our managers, you might

visit our primary Headquarters or secondary offices from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. local

time. We’re always glad to satisfy you!

And certain enough, Google street view shows the information center at 151 Front Street West extends the size of the block. There’s certainly nothing resembling your building within the TDS website photo.


Fake LicenseEdit

The pharmacy doesn’t have real location with no real pharmacists. But like other

EvaPharmacy/ pharmacies, they’ve forged an imaginary license for his or her pharmacy. It’s clearly fake, as it is displaying exactly the same imaginary address.


The Ontario College of Pharmacy includes a site that enables you to find information about their licensees. Unsurprisingly, Toronto Pharmacy is not listed.

Fake American Pharmacists Association CertificateEdit

This apparently fell to among the non-native British loudspeakers, since it is quite clumsily worded:

All of the drugs offered at Toronto Pharmacy are regarded as approved by

the American Pharmacists Association (APhA).

This bulletin certifies that Toronto Pharmacy (License Number 05671274)

sells high-quality medications which are presented by certified web store. We

make sure that Toronto Pharmacy team has got the greatest standards of practice

transported out by its people.

The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) may be the organization whose people are

recognized in society essential in most patient care settings for optimal

medication use that improves health, wellness, and excellence of existence.

Date: 07/04/10 Signature: Harold N. Godwin


This certificate seems to become dated on This summer 4, 2010. This summer 4 is among the most widely used public holidays within the U.S. — nobody will come directly into try to do routine bureaucratic functions like issuing certificates. Really, whomever did the forgery was not really acquainted with the truth that within the U.S., dates have been in month-day-year format, instead of day-month-year. These were attempting to make it seem like an April 7, 2010 date. They have simply used exactly the same certificate they forged for Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy and altered the name and number.

The license number is identical one utilized on the Ontario College of Pharmacy forgery. Anybody that has to obtain licensed by multiple agencies will explain it’s not going to be that simple — you receive a different number from each one of these.

When requested if the certificate was fake, the reply in the American Pharmacists Association was

Yes, this can be a fake. Thank you for passing along to all of us.

Sharon Corbitt

Exterior Communications Director

American Pharmacists Association

2215 Metabolic rate Ave.

Washington, Electricity 20037-2895

The APhA doesn’t license pharmacies or approve the caliber of medications. The emblem they display is wrong too, resembling the Glavmed emblem rather.

CNP vesion of APhA emblem /APhA emblem from their site

Aw apha APHA-HP blue band

Hijacked serversEdit

Begin to see the discussion at Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy. TDS sites load images from hijacked servers in the same manner.

Sample sites and registrars sponsoring themEdit


R01-RUEdit (expired)

TUCOWS DOMAINS Corporation.Edit suspended

How you can Report this Junk e-mailEdit

The Complainterator is configured to report this junk e-mail towards the registrars.

It performs a "whois" lookup around the domains utilized by the name servers that resolve accessibility site. It finds out the registrars which are sponsoring the accessibility site. It prepares a complaint towards the sponsoring registrars.

Removal instructions

site domains

– the registrar must set the status from the domain to

  • clientHold
  • clientUpdateProhibited
  • clientDeleteProhibited
  • clientTransferProhibited

name server domains

– the registrar must set the status of each one of the name server domains to

  • clientHold
  • clientUpdateProhibited
  • clientDeleteProhibited
  • clientTransferProhibited

Additionally, to get rid of them as name servers, the subdomain address records (eg for ns1 and ns2) have to be altered to some non-routable address, for example … or perhaps a blackhole address inside their own address space. also referred to as EvaPharmacy may be the criminal sponsor organization behind this kind of site.

See: Category:Yambo family

The merchandise list, the prices and also the product descriptions for Toronto Pharmacy are similar with this of My Canadian Pharmacy

The look showing the Managed Care Organizations describes other known fraud brands, Canadian Family Pharmacy and My Canadian Pharmacy


Further StudyingEdit

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