Semi sweet loaves of bread – downtown la

Sometimes you simply shouldn’t drive in to the heart of Downtown LA to be able to taste the lip smackin’-est baked goods you’ve been on forever. Fortunately, there is a lot happening in DTLA to warrant the trip.. or you were already likely to be in the region. Possibly you’re…

  • a USC or FIDM student or family ‘n’ buddies of these
  • shopping within the Fashion District for your production you’re associated with
  • in Chinatown browsing cheap wares
  • going to the nearby Arts District for any friend’s show
  • hawking services in the La Convention Center
  • learning things in the Natural History Museum
  • not touching things in the Museum of recent Art
  • happily napping at Dodger Stadium during the top fourth
  • at nearby Echo Park Lake re-living Polanski’s Chinatown
  • slurping noodles in Little Tokyo, japan
  • in the La Social Center, being very civil
  • going for a walking tour from the amazing street art throughout DTLA

Or no of this is actually the situation, then it is only a quick hop to Semi Sweet Loaves of bread. Remember, we’re open Tuesday through Saturday from 8am until 3pm. We’re CLOSED every sunday and Mondays. The ding-a-lings are calling… the crullants are singing… the cookies are soft… you’re getting happy…


Semi Sweet Bakery


SimplyYue: LMFAOOOOOOO the beginning, I'm like how does Bart miss something that big as the sign.

Abhi Prasad: No wonder Brandon has zero percent body fat

konrashful: SimplyY

zoebelle16: Can we just talk about how adorable Julia is?!

Alberto Cuellar: +pdannysan13 nope its the same one for every other video

pdannysan13: And did JK make it themselves ? I am going LOCO. I need that song :D

marzypan: what happened to jkfilms making skits?

sayjai bao: +Kaiser Yeh the quality of the skits went downhill by the time they quit…they decided they had no more passion to do skits.  They changed for the better I think as I check all their channels for content regularly now (including justkidding gamer) whereas before I only tuned in on Sundays and JKNews.I always enjoyed their JK adventures/food vid, now with the addition of vlogs there's even more content.

Justin Ejimah: +sayjai bao that creativity  cow only has so much milk

DavidParody: What is the white thing? "Dried cum" LOOL JOE

Solenna Pon: Yoo i love your videos

Kristen: 7:16 julia is best girl

Raccoon Dog: +xtaylorxboyx she gotta enjoy it by making it moist first

Guero_Me: hoolia put the whole dingaling in her mouth

Bathtub Shark: Julia, take off your glasses, and put on makeup like in this vid for future vids, makeup isnt too heavy and it looks natural. Shows more confidence. You look better that way. hope you can see this. thumbs this up so she can read it.