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Pharmacy space for rent toronto - medical management talking to condominium developments not far off

There exists a unique executive re-modled property, presently waiting on construction phase to get started with space to lease to licensed pharmacy. The home is situated on the prime, highly guaranteed, friendly and established area in Toronto. There are lots of new housing & condominium developments not far off within the neighbourhood.

Your building will accommodate 6 Family Physicians with full practices.

Pre construction phase will let the pharmacy to possess choice to personalize their layout (with landlord consent) throughout the designing phase, that will incorporate a separate entrance in addition to connectivity towards the medical clinic. The place can be really appropriate as its on the snappy street. It’s also not far from a healthcare facility, has ample parking, and it is easily accessible.

Location: To become discussed personally

Population of Area: Over 100,000 people

Relocate Ready: Fall 2017

Pharmacy Competition

There are more pharmacies inside a 3km radius both chain and independent

Suggested Pharmacy Size: 500-650 sq foot

Total Doctors: 6 Family Physicians & Busy Walk-in from 8am-9pm

Patients: Over 14,000 Rostered Patients

Rent: TBD (Negotiable)

Lease Holds: TBD (Negotiable)

Contact: myclinic@medicalmanagement.talking to

Resourse: http://medicalmanagement.talking to/project/pharmacy-space-for-lease-toronto/

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