Country hams by smithfield’s johnston county hams

Johnston County Country Hams possess a unique, gently smoked aroma and mellow, gently salted taste unlike other things and therefore are a real gourmet delicacy. Our unique flavor is because of our curing procedure that is dependant on the strategy utilized by America’s early settlers. They involved "salting" the hams after which letting the hams "cure" naturally though periodic alterations in temperature that happened with the Winter, Spring and Summer time, rendering the hams perfectly "cured" for that finest flavor and quality.

We at Johnston County Hams stay in keeping with these Colonial techniques. Using modern tools that enables careful charge of humidity and temperature we simulate the required seasons, accelerating the procedure a little only because ideal atmospheric conditions remain constant. Each country pork is first hands applied using the “cure”, a mix of mainly salt and sugar. Winter days just above freezing are required to allow salt to enter the meat because it draws out moisture. The increasing temperature and lowering humidity of spring permit the salt to equalize through the meat and also the bone. Finally warm summer time days permit the pork to age and mellow to the wealthy characteristic aroma and flavor.

Additionally to the famous country hams, we’re also pleased to provide a finely cured and delicately aged prosciutto, a sweet honey cured pork and traditional favorites from your smokehouse including dry cured bacon, and fully-cooked, brined, smoked poultry.

We are extremely pleased to announce that Johnston County Hams is really a finalist for that National Association for that Niche Food Trade’s esteemed 2011 sofi鈩 Awards for the best Cool Product with this Mangalitsa Hams.

Mangalitsa Hams
Mangalitsa Hams
Our dry cured and delicately aged Mangalitsa hams are really a gourmet experience to relish. Cured Country Hams from Smithfield, NC
Cured Country Hams
Our authentic and original Smithfield country hams that critics around the world have acclaimed for many years.

Curemaster’s Reserve Country Hams

Hands selected by our famous Curemaster Rufus Brown, our Curemaster’s Reserve hams are very this is the best country hams available. Beginning using the finest cuts of meat and thoroughly monitored throughout the curing process, these gourmet hams are dry aged for their full potential. Additionally to the Reserve country hams, we’re also please to now provide Mangalitsa hams and shoulders. Find Out More…


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Tom's Test Kitchen: Growing up in Kentucky my uncle used to cure some of the best hams I've ever eaten. He passed away before I could learn from him.锘

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