Considering a couple year pharmacy tech program? total waste of time, money, and heres why…. – pharmacy specialist jobs

Considering a couple year pharmacy tech program? total waste of time, money, and heres why.... - pharmacy specialist jobs in the greatest degree of

Nicole in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania stated: I’ve just read many posts around the pharmacy tech positions. I’ve labored my in place to as being a pharmacy specialist. I’ve labored in retail pharmacy for a long time. When requested to accept certification test, I had been scared as I didn’t visit school for this. By myself, I studied coupled with experience behind me. I possibly could not accept is as true after i passed the exam, and grew to become certified. Obviously, I had been guaranteed the planet, and received only an ulcer. Inside my job, there’s two Cpht. We all do everything as the pharmacist calls his buddies, checks rx’s and essentially, sits on his ass. A few of these pharmacists think they’re God. They are doing nothing, and should not be bothered with anything. It’s inconvenient to allow them to wait on the customer, answer the telephone or call a physician for any refill request…thats our responsibility. I’ve labored in retail pharmacy for twenty five years, fifteen years like a Cpht. I’m so sorry I ever grew to become involved with this corporate jungle. If you’re thinking about Pharmacy Specialist school, don’t waste your hard earned money or time. All you’ll be is present the pharmacist that has their very own agenda on which " work" is. For me, I actually do agree they have labored hard in class to become pharmacist, however i am so fed up with employed by a series pharmacy that puts increasingly more responsibility around the tech, and much less around the pharmacist but no pay raises for techs, but healthy bonuses for pharmacists……..whats wrong with this particular picture? That does not mean they don’t deserve their pay, however i am stating that tech’s don’t get the things they deserve. I’m in the greatest degree of purchase technicians in my retail chain, which is a tale.

and you’re simply not working this out and complaining about this? This really is reality…we techs are compensated crap because we are only a cent twelve in which the pharmacist may be $5.00 twelve. We’re cheap, and we’ll remain low as lengthy because the U.S. doesn’t need a couple year degree in order to be certified.


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