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College Pharmacy’s experienced compounding pharmacists work carefully with healthcare practitioners to build up the perfect treating your specific overall health needs. This dedication to your well-being is visible whatsoever amounts of our company.

Jerry Gillick

Jerry Gillick, R.Ph.

President / Chief executive officer & Pharmacy Manager

Jerry acquired a b -.South carolina. in Chemistry from Bishop’s College in Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada along with a B.Sc. in Pharmacy from College of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Jerry also studied in the College of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We have spent for several years like a traditional pharmacist in Canada, Jerry went after the love for custom compounding and integrative & dietary medicine by relocating to Phoenix, Arizona in 1997. In Arizona, Jerry managed two pharmacies, as well as in 2005, relocated to Colorado to be the school Pharmacy team.

Jerry’s interest and expertise includes bioidentical hormone substitute, integrative and dietary medicine, problem-solving and formulation of sterile and non-sterile formulations, cosmeceutical formulation, USP 795 & 797, and Federal & Condition regulatory matters. Licensed in 12 States, Jerry includes a very comprehensive understanding of compounding pharmacy that includes daily to the prosperity of College Pharmacy and our staff.

Jerry’s dedication and the need to satisfy the unique requirements of our patients as well as their practitioners exemplify our prime concepts of school Pharmacy.


  • Chairman, Board of Company directors, College Pharmacy
  • Board Member, Foundation for Care Management, a non-profit accredited foundation

    that is an authorized provider of ongoing education for physicians, pharmacists and nurses

  • Director, person in executive committee, Academy of Compounding Pharmacists, Colorado Pharmacists Society
  • Adjunct Clinical Instructor, Division of Pharmacy Practice and Administration, College of Missouri-Might School of Pharmacy
  • Member Emeritus, Ontario College of Pharmacists, Ontario, Canada

Kellie Plush, Vice President of Administration and Human Resources

Kellie Plush

V . P . of Administration and Human Sources

Kellie is a person in the school Pharmacy management team since 2006. She brings over 18 experience in human sources to her position as V . P . of Administration and Human Sources. Kellie found College Pharmacy after nine years having a global staffing company where she labored in operations and staffing.

College Pharmacy’s dynamic atmosphere requires highly qualified and trained personnel, and Kellie leads our efforts to get the best candidates. Her skills in worker relations and staffing have greatly led to College Pharmacy just as one employer of preference in Colorado Springs!

Deb Schaller, R.Ph.

Deb Schaller, R.Ph.

Supervisor, Non-Sterile Dept.

Deb received her pharmacy degree in the College of Wisconsin-Madison. After many years in retail pharmacy, she became a member of the school Pharmacy team in 2003.

She enjoys the issue solving facets of custom compounding and assisting to provide optimum outcomes on her patients. Prospective and current patients may schedule appointments free of charge hormone consultations with Deb. Her in-depth understanding of compounding, her empathy for the patients and her exceptional customer support skills make her a superb person in we.

In her own spare time, Deb loves to hike together with her dog, spend more time with family and buddies, read and travel.

Frieda Martin

Frieda Martin, R.Ph.

Supervisor, Sterile Dept.

Frieda has over 20 experience like a pharmacist.

Her curiosity about pharmacy started when she experienced firsthand how important the function the pharmacist performed in her own community it had been using that experience that her desire for pharmacy and healthcare began. She acquired a Bachelor of Pharmacy from College of Minnesota in 1991.

Relocating to Colorado Springs in 1995, Frieda ongoing her career in pharmacy, acquiring management experience before joining College Pharmacy in 2004. She’s extensive experience of Lengthy Term Care Pharmacy, Elderly care Talking to, Intravenous compounding formulations, and it has helped implement USP 797 at school Pharmacy.

She’s a love for community health insurance and patient welfare, and it has tried 3 Medical Mission journeys to Africa. Her hobbies include hiking and visiting beaches.


Community College or University for Pharmacy School


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