College of toronto pharmacy c/o 2021

College of toronto pharmacy c/o 2021 will not score better
Hi guys,

I am considering signing up to pharmacy this season.. I am very nervous due to my cGPA, but much more my Pcat scores.

My pcat scores are:

Bio: 69

Rc: 38

QA: 72


comp: 86

Writing: 4

I had been really sad about read, qa and Rc scores, however i wasn’t thinking about retaking it since i was worried which i wouldn’t even have the ability to score greater in it or believed that next time I write, my writing and/chem could drop. I additionally thought my comp score was considered good (although not the finest).

Now I see everybody posting their pcat scores, and they’re amazing! However, it’s making me lose confidence in myself.. I completed my application however i don’t know if I’ll be recognized this season or perhaps be capable of getting a job interview.

College of toronto pharmacy c/o 2021 Thanks ahead ofI must rewrite the pcat, but I’ve got a feeling I will not score better since I’d have only 7 days to review (my final exams finish around the last possible day.. 12 , 22 and i’m to school on jan 2).

I’m wishing to improve my cGPA through the finish of the year so it could actually offset my bad pcat marks. After newbie, I’d 86 (however it appears that everybody having a 90+ pcat has that as well, or greater).

How can my chances look with this particular? Do you consider I’m able to even have an interview?

For anybody who got recognized, have you meet anybody who got along with a meh pcat and ok cGPA?

Thanks ahead of time!

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