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  • For that approaching 2016-2017 application cycle for fellowships starting in summer time 2017, offers will start November 14, 2016, at 12 noon (EST).
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This site is managed through the Worldwide Emergency Medicine Fellowship Consortium (IEMFC). This website is made to provide prospective applicants with an abundance of details about worldwide emergency medicine fellowships. Furthermore, if you are looking at trying to get an worldwide emergency medicine fellowship position you are able to sign in on the site and submit your CV along with a letter of intent. After you have carried this out, you are able to apply from the web site towards the programs of your liking and also have your recommendations sent directly with the website. To start the applying process register here.

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A Day in the Life in the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Residency Program


000 00: The dream.锘

alexandria vialet: I thought about Grey's Anatomy throughout the whole thing.锘

Mia Bajramagic: i cant wait to get in to medical school…one year to go锘

Sine Analysis: You look exhausted and very tired. It's a shame they torture residents the way they do. It's completely immoral, wrong and unhealthy. I've seen so many of these videos and look into the evident wear and tear that is so obvious in many of these residents and we glorify this? That's just sick to me and when I voice these concerns the responses are even more disgusting! !锘

Clarice Johnson: Where is McDreamy …? Meredith grey ?… Cristina Yang ? …. Damnit let me speak to Chief Webber !!!!锘

The Proud Sun Bro.: Becoming an EM Physician is my dream. I'm almost graduating college with a finance degree, I made the mistake of listening to my family, I should have followed my passion, and went with BioChem, as an UG major.锘

sebastian cuello: College freshman here. I have a long road ahead of me. I think my dream is to be an emergency neurosurgeon. For now I just have to worry about GPA and MCAT, though.锘

Brevstoll: Hopefully, I'm going to be headed there in a couple years. Thinking about either being in Emergency Medicine or Infectious Disease. But, you never know what'll interest you once you're actually practicing.锘

Sebastien Leblanc: I like how her first task of the day is to bring coffee to an attending :)锘

Kaitlyn Thompson: Dr.Brenner and Dr.Caneron are the best. I had two open heart surgeries here and they did them.锘

Shirsha: When you want to be a doctor, but you're scared to take an ap test for biology tomorrow. Hope future is good :). Came here for motivation lol.锘

Clark Espinosa: Who's that cute asian guy? LOL锘

Ayaat Abualsaud`: soooo she sees her son only in the morning? that's sad :(锘

MANUEL PE脩A CABALLERO: I want to be there锘

Eryao Gao: Being a doctor always a dream for me… But now it's too late. Respect every doctor.锘