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First, what’s promising: 5,400 less babies would die in infancy, and we’d save about $1.3 trillion dollars in healthcare spending. (The eco-friendly blocks around the right show the amount of dollars or lives saved, as the red blocks around the left show the expenses or deaths that will still happen.)

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In addition, 57 million less people would go without health care due to the cost. "Roughly 40 % of both insured and uninsured U.S. respondents spent $1,000 or even more out-of-pocket in the past year on health care, not counting premiums," the report authors write. (Though, most importantly the information for that report was collected prior to the full implementation of Obamacare, which dramatically expanded insurance coverage within the U.S.)

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And, possibly consequently, greater than 50,000 avoidable deaths could be prevented:

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However it wouldn’t be great news. Canada’s free system comes at the expense of greater wait occasions for many services. This Year, the Commonwealth Fund discovered that 33 percent of Canadians anxiously waited six days or even more to determine a professional, in contrast to 19 percent of american citizens. And Canadians have a tendency to wait longer for ER care than patients far away: One out of 10 patients inside a Canadian ER will wait eight hrs or even more, and also the average wait time is four hrs. (Here, the shorter red blocks below represent the number of additional patients would need to wait or would go to the ER when we had the Canadian system.)

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On the top of this, more and more people would go to the ER generally:

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That last point could be either a negative or positive, for the way your perception. On a single hands, getting plenty of ER patients is costly and inefficient for hospitals, and Canadians may be headed to emergency departments because wait occasions for normal doctors are extremely lengthy. But however, it’s free for patients鈥攕o, some might question, why don’t you utilize it whether it’s there?

The Commonwealth Fund site’s interactive enables users to check the healthcare systems of 11 different countries, therefore if Canada’s not to your liking, you can test, say, England, or Norway, or France. Bon healthcare voyage!

Resourse: https://theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/10/what-if-america-had-canadas-healthcare-system/381662/

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RiseUpBlue: We NEED more stories on healthcare in the US….we need education on what Americans are experiencing in this country….and we need to know what other 1st world nations get, what they get and how they implement their systems. We need to broadcast how much healthcare is a business where the winners are the insurance companies and their CEOs PLEASE MORE STORIES!! THANKS!锘

DreadHeadGamer 1: We spend more for health care then Canada but their are so much better wtf?锘

Imtiaz Uddin: No, they make people exercise and be aggressive about it. Not like US which is a fatsos making factory.锘

craig robb: the US healthcare is the top technologically and the top care available, if you have the money. i'm canadian and believe me, our care is good here for alot less money. if the insurance and big pharma corps. stopped donating to your politicians, you'd probably have universal healthcare锘

Real Talk76: Insurance companies need to buy back their shares and become non-profits, Pharmaceutical companies need more competition, hospitals need to stop price gouging and people need to stop eating fast/junk food! There…problem solved!!锘

Northern Bohemian Realist: Welcome to the comments section, where Trumpkins will go on and on about how they can't get into the hospital in Seattle because of all those Canadians coming down from Vancouver, and how a friend of an acquaintance had a 98 year old Canadian aunt who died because of rationing.锘

BoloYung: I'm quite certain that 98 year olds dieing is not out of order.锘

Daniel M: Living in Toronto, if I needed to see my doctor (GP). I can drop by doctor's office today to see him. And if I need an ultra sound or MRI scan; I can have it booked sometime next week. Sooner course if I have a life threatening injury or ailment.\n \nThis happened to when I hurt my knee and it took about a week/a half to have it fully diagnosed and have a physiotherapy treatment plan in place.锘

Mike Waldschmidt: Daniel M it took me about a month to get an MRI when I hurt my knee. It took another month to book my surgery only to have it canceled because it didn't fit my doctor's schedule that day. so, I waited one more month for my surgery. I live in Michigan in a large city too. It cost tens of thousands of dollars for a knee surgery when done. yep. Our country, the good old USA is poor at healthcare.锘

RiseUpBlue: goodness, I live in NYC and its pretty amazing, but I'm shocked to hear that its not the same everywhere. My complaint here is that even when I had amazing health plan, I could still come out of the hospital paying extra bills outside of deductible bc whoever looked at your xray or some other behind the scene doctor whom was involved and end up paying hundreds extra…this is even with vetting to make sure everyone who treated me was on my plan. its the lack of control because there are so many plans and so many rules and the insurance companies are always looking to screw you out of paying.锘

Beachdudeca: Its about taking out the insurance company middle man锘

Vikash Bhalla: its not comparing apples and oranges. It is comparing apples ( one a day keeps the doctor away ) and double whoppers /w cheese and bacon with a side of double stuffed oreos.锘

M A: Single Payer is the way to go. Peoples health shouldn't be based on how much money they have. It also saves money in the long run with preventative care. America always a step behind the 1st world when it comes to common sense.锘

theblackswan x: The issue is not how many MR or ECP -or whatever: you do – its about that medic care is for everyone! stupid muricans锘

railzip: Population health management is key to keeping patients away from hospitals. The US healthcare system is revamping itself into a value based system to improve cost, increase quality.锘