Infomation for canadian school of medicine applicants

Every year, Ross College Med school welcomes students from Canada to medical school. We love talking with ambitious school of medicine students in Canada who expect to ongoing their medical careers support north after receiving their medical education at Ross.

The data here is made to assist you with questions you’ve about attending Ross.

Instantly: Ross and Canada

  • Canadian students comprise about 10 % from the Ross medical school student body.
  • Ross Canadian students have earned competitive residency spots across Canada, including surgery in the College of Toronto, family medicine in the College of Bc, paediatrics at McMaster College and emergency medicine in the College of Manitoba.
  • Canadian students have achieved residencies in a multitude of disciplines, including anesthesiology, emergency medicine, internal medicine, neurology, neuropathology, radiology, and much more.

Alumni Tales

"The rigor from the program is top-notch, and you’re uncovered to a wide variety of medical scenarios and cultures鈥攎ore than you’d be at every other school."


Matched at College of Toronto in Internal Medicine within the first iteration from the 2015 CaRMS

"The training which i received was high quality, and also the professors had our very best interests鈥攁s along with those of our future patients鈥攁t heart."


Outpatient physician at PrimeCare Medical Clinic, Bc

"I believe Ross prepares you to definitely be a completely independent learner, that is very important in the area of medicine."


Matched at College of Ottawa in Neurology within the first iteration from the 2012 CaRMS


In the last six years, Ross Canadian students have earned 60+ competitive residency positions across Canada, and the other 380+ within the U . s . States.* Specialties earned include anesthesiology, emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, laboratory medicine, neurology, neuropathology, obstretics-gynecology, pediatrics, physical medicine, psychiatry, radiology, and surgery.



  • Ross’ fundamental sciences curriculum is known as Foundations of drugs. The curriculum, which mixes traditional classroom-based learning with clinically relevant hands-on activities, is made to prepare students for licensure and exercise within the U . s . States or Canada.
  • Additionally towards the teaching hospitals Ross is associated with through the U . s . States, Ross offers possibilities for students to accomplish clinical learning the Uk and Canada.
  • Ross has clinical affiliations using the College of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon) and Queen’s Hospital in Romford, Kent within the United kingdom.
  • Lately Ross students have conducted elective clerkships at greater than 24 clinical sites in Canada.

Student Support: The ROSS Model

At Ross, we have established the Depend on Student Services (ROSS) model to supply clinical students using the support they require.

Canadian Student Society

The Canadian Student Society offers information, for example exam preparation, visa needs, and peer advisement on rotations, to Canadian medical students wanting to practice medicine in Canada in addition to provide free workshops to the person in the Ross community.

Educational Funding Information

  • For details about the loans, grants obtainable in your province, check out the Canadian Government’s official website for that Student Assistance Program (SAP).
  • Canadian students might be qualified for loans with the Canadian government and/or private home loan programs. To learn more, please make reference to the Financial Planning Guide for Canadian Students [PDF].
  • The DeVry Medical Worldwide (DMI) loan is made for students in semesters 6-10 who can experience financial challenges after exhausting other funding sources for example provincial and private loans. Qualified students may cumulatively receive as much as $75,000 to cover tuition and charges.
  • To learn more, please call 732-509-3051 or email
  • Please be aware that Ross only accepts U.S. currency for payment.

Canadian Banks Offering Student Credit Lines

  • Bank of Montreal Student Credit Line
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
  • TD Canada Trust


My High School To Medical School Pathway in Canada


MDprospect: Comment your questions here! I will try my best to answer any that you have! :)锘

Entei Raikou: Few questions, \n1. How old were you when you got into medical school?\n2. How long did you study for the MCAT? 1month, 2months, 3months, etc.? And for how many hours a day did you dedicate for the MCAT? 4hours, 6hours, 8hours, etc?\n3. Did you work during your Undergrad? If so, roughly how many hours a week (including weekends)? And did you also work while studying for the MCAT?\n4. Did you do some form of research while in Undergrad and did you get some publications?\n5. How important do you think is doing research when applying to Medical school? Is it a necessity when applying? I understand that it varies from school to school but I was hoping for a general overview as a whole.\n6. How long did it took you to finish your Undergrad degree? Traditional 4 years or more than 4 years? And did you take a Gap year?\n\nI'm very excited to see a Canadian Medical student finally making videos on YouTube because that's something that I find relatable as a fellow Canadian myself. Even though I'm still a premed and I have a long way to go, I would love to see more videos of your adventures through medical school! 馃榾 \n\nAlso, I LOVE the fact that you used the U of A Medical school Parody! I always watch it whenever I'm having hard times at school. Haha! \n\nKEEP UP THE GREAT WORK and MUCH SUPPORT!!! :D锘

Abdullah Khan: Is being nationally ranked in a sport (specifically track and field) a solid EC? Will it differentiate you from other applicants and positively affect your application?锘

Johndy: hi. just wanted to ask if how did you decide on what med school to apply to? Like U of A instead of UBC as you're from Vancouver as you said. Thanks锘

Jason Ledecky: Do u mind if i asked what your exact GPA and competitive MCAT score was?锘

Sherry Lo: Hey, I just wanna ask that: I'm an international student, but I'm just going to study my grade 12 in Canada. Do you have any advice for undergraduate program?Are there any differences between local students and international students for applying for a medical school? Thanks ��锘

Anushka Pujari: great video and congrats on getting into Alberta! How competitive were you for UofA as an OOP? Thanks!锘

Amira Nama: Hey. I was wondering if you shadowed any doctors? or if its even needed锘