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This Year, Discomfort Medicine was formally acknowledged as a subspecialty in Canada through the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, a nationwide organization with oversight from the medical education of specialists in Canada. The very first trainees started their training in the Western College, London, Canada in This summer, 2014. This short article traces the entire process of Discomfort Medicine’s development like a discipline in Canada and descriptions its multiple entry routes, 2-year curriculum, and assessment procedures.


The applying for niche status was initiated in 2007 using the knowning that while Anesthesiology will be the parent niche, the curriculum would train clinicians inside a multidisciplinary setting. To get recognition like a Royal College subspecialty, Discomfort Medicine needed to effectively go through three phases, each stage requiring formal approval through the Committee on Specialties. The multiple entry routes for this 2-year subspecialty program are described in the following paragraphs much like the objectives of coaching, the curriculum, assessment of competency and also the practice-eligibility path to certification. The entire process of accreditation of recent training programs across Canada can also be discussed.


The brand new Discomfort Medicine training course in Canada will train experts within the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation from the spectrum of acute discomfort, cancer discomfort and non-cancer discomfort problems. These physicians will end up leaders in education, research, advocacy and administration of the emerging field.

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Chronic Pain Sufferer Says She Can't Get Pain Medication Amid Opioid Production Cuts


godforever27: I have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia. scoliosis, myofascial pain syndrome etc. and nothing seems to work for pain relief accept some opioid medications and muscle relaxers. the doctors refuse to treat me for fear of losing their licenses and that has led me to find alternative treatment such as kratom. it works but only for my average pain and it just takes the edge off. its crazy how people seem to care more for people who abuse drugs than those with severe ongoing pain. drug addicts ruin pain management for us who need it and we are the ones to suffer. its so infuriating!!! I hope people will let the doctors do their jobs so people in pain can try to live a normal life and not have to worry about their future and flare ups. if you are reading this and are suffering with pain without treatment my heart goes out to you and may god help us.锘

Jessica Audsley: godforever27 I agree I'm going thru hell right now waiting on surgery which I can't get for about 6 months. My jaw is dislocated and diesesed with put the hope of surgery is the only thing pushing me thru cause there's a lot of days id rather die then be in pain. not one doctor will help me because they fear the dea and told me unless I'm actually dieing I won't get help. something needs to change or you will see suicide rates sky rocket锘

godforever27: I'm sorry to hear that Jessica 馃檨 I also think suicide will and is rising because of this. I hope you wont commit suicide though I know there are days where it seems all this pain isn't worth living for. hope your surgery goes well and helps your pain, stay strong warrior :)锘

Fate Drake: You think heroin addiction and over dose is bad now, it's going to double or triple when supplies are officially cut by at least 1/4 in Jan 2017! Wtf?! Does anyone care?? Look what happened last time they raided the pharmacy and changed the formulas with the OxyContin pills, look at the timeline of that action of the D.E.A and the timeline of overdoses(oxycodone was not the main cause, heroin was) When people get sick from not having their medication they seek alternatives that relieve the pain and physical sickness they have from withdrawal!…锘

BigMonkeyGrip: Theyve had one for a long time called Tramadol. The vet prescribed Tramadol for my DOG, yet try to get a Tramadol script out of a Dr. This is getting ridiculous. They cut production of pain meds, put pressure on Pharmacies and Pharmacists and Heroin usage sky rocketed.锘

Lori Girl: Fate Drake I predict poppy fields will begin to be cultivated, illegal of course, but that never stopped many of our now prosperous marajuana farmers. Poppy fields are not far behind.锘

Jannet Lane: it's about time. our health system has fogot about us. I haven't seen my grandchildren in 3 years. \ndon't they relies addits will not stop they have their own resorses .I'm sure the only ones suffering are people who are in real chronic pain.锘

Xtreme Performance: Jannet Lane I have been judged and called a addict. There are so many people who sell opiates and don't take any. When I have been unable to get a Rx filled for weeks I have gotten pills from people who use to get high, everyone is addicted to something and wish they get help but I can't stand being in pain. I wish the DEA would do there job correctly they know who's prescribing illegally ( pill mills ) But that is what has led to the shortage, at one time more than 60% of all opiates made in the usa were going to Florida. Now what we have is people faking pain with legit doctors, the demand is still there for opiates and will continue to grow but supply/manufacturing has dropped. A lot of people turn to heroin but that is more expensive unless you live in a big city or near the south border.锘

lou davinci boxing: my life has been a living hell since they took away my pain meds !!!ive had five failed back surgeries andd the drs just said heres 30 days ,goodbye!!no one will prescribe so either its suicide or heroine.whats despicable is that a chronic pain patient is thrown in the catagory of street addict with drug seeking behavior!!!when in fact i never got high or abused because it just gave pain relief.i hope they all burn inHELLfor what these despiicable bastards have done to thousands of people riddle with chronic pain!!锘

GUNNER GUNNAR: lou davinci boxing I have the same problem. I'm 53 and I seriously doubt I'll see 54 because the pain I live in is more than any human can stand non stop. The federal government is murdering me and all those like me that have tried every medical procedure known to modern medicine to repair our damaged bodies. My surgeon told me there's nothing more they can offer me and he put me in a pain clinic. For about 2 or so years they kept my life productive and somewhat normal. Then came the cut back and the beginning of life in hell. I'm already living in hell and I'm still alive on earth. My religious teaching tells me suicide is a direct ticket to eternity in hell after death. That's terrifying but living a life where you hurt so bad that you can't hardly get out of bed to work because you live in so much non stop pain you never sleep and never get relief drives people like me to commit suicide everyday and the government don't give a damn.锘

Tammy Martin: .I am an Osteogenesis Imperfecta chronic pain suffer patient. I know when the Pain gets too much, I also start giving up and I've had some suicide attempts that were almost successful, the ER doctors can't believe I'm still alive. Those were in the days that some of them cared, but not anymore. I've also experienced the looks and judgments and it's Really Wrong for them to judge when you are in so much Unbearable Pain that suicide seems to be the only thing that will make The Pain go away. I'm really sorry you are having to go through this, all of us are. I Know This. Worse thing is If they start taking Pain Patients Meds, they are then going to have a epidemic of suicides and people begging to be euthanized which is what they want. Look up Depopulation Agenda and you will know that it's not they are worried about abuse of the meds, but are trying to exterminate us in this way. It's a Very Cruel, Inhumane thing, but they don't care, It's not them that is Suffering. I'm sorry if this is hard to take that, so called human beings can be so Cruel and inhumane…I'm sorry…I wish I could say something more positive and comforting, but it's the world we live in now. It's hard to be positive right now in this much Pain. They are going to be Judged and Eternity Is Forever. Try To Hang In There…O.k.锘

Jessica Audsley: Tammy Martin we need to learn to grow are own opium fuck the system it's a plant god gave us锘

Abraham Issac: I believe we should too. We can grow whatever plants we want. It's none of their damn business. If they take my Pain Medication I will find other ways of find relief. They won't stop me. If they would just leave things alone there won't be A lot more illegal things going on. They probably want there to be. They are idiots if they think they are going to make me suffer excruciating pain. Not going to happen.锘

rochelle123ist: Cancer is no fucking joke.锘

Dani McD: I wish more news would say our side of the story. thanks to this news cast who did. 锘