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Astrup Drug, Corporation continues to be supplying its communities using their pharmacy needs since 1952 if this opened up its first store in Austin, MN. As the practice has altered some during the last several decades, the concepts set up in 1952 still hold true today: patient care is our main concern.

To be able to provide excellent patient care, we provide you:

Sterling aided living facilities along with

  • Totally Free

    Have your prescriptions delivered free of charge. Just call us.

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  • Easy Prescription Transfers

    With one telephone call to the Sterling location, we are able to get all your medications used in Sterling 鈥 you don’t need to call your present pharmacy.

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  • Insurance

    We accept MANY, MANY insurances. Stay in or call us and we’ll take a look at insurance that will help you know repairs are covered, what’s not, and the way to make the most benefit.

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  • Medication Therapy Management

    Medication Therapy Management can offer some absolutely incredible advantages to patients on multiple medications battling with two or more illnesses. Pharmacists at Sterling are proud to provide Medication Therapy Management services and welcome an chance to help you.

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  • Bloodstream Pressure Tracker

    Look at your bloodstream pressure free of charge when you stay in at Sterling. Track your bloodstream pressure with Smart Card $5 Smart Card will get you online use of thousands of readings or perhaps a receipt style document of the last 10 readings from the device.

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  • Flavored Medications

    The largest liquid medication just about any flavor on the planet, which makes it much simpler for the child to obtain the medicine they require.

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  • Durable Medical Equipment

    Our offering of durable medical equipment concentrates on the main disease states you, our patient, have a problem with. You’ll find us to possess all of the supplies you’ll requirement for Diabetes, High Bloodstream Pressure, and Cholesterol.

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  • Existence-Aid

    The product can literally be considered a Existence SAVER for you and your family member. Existence-Aid is really a personal emergency response system best used for an individual who’s vulnerable to injuring themselves and getting difficulty dealing with the telephone to make contact with help.

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  • Lengthy Term Care

    Sterling Lengthy Term Care Pharmacy works particularly with nursing facilities, aided living facilities along with other such settings to supply patients with all of their medication and medicine related needs.

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