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This can be a complaint associated with abysmal, unprofessional service – or, more precisely, insufficient service – for Infinity Compounding Solutions ("Infinity"). The situation pertains to an interstate prescription for me personally approved by my podiatrist. I had been particularly ill-treated by an (alleged) Infinity pharmacist recognized as Blake, later recognized as Blake Richardson Burns.

On 22-February-2014, at approximately 10 am Off-shore Time, I finally arrived at Infinity by means of their toll-free number 888.414.5805. Regrettably, Amanda, that I spoke, explained that Infinity’s compounding services were closed over the past weekend, which my prescription wouldn’t start to be filled until Monday, 25-February-2014.

Therefore, the FedEx- or UPS-couriered prescription would be unable to achieve me by Monday evening, after i was scheduled to go away for Puerto Rico. I wouldn’t be coming back to my hometown until 5-Marly-2014. I described all of this to Amanda.

Amanda stated that Infinity wouldn’t send the prescription for an address in Puerto Rico, since it is outdoors from the U . s . States. Because this would impose yet another delay with a minimum of twelve days not getting the discomfort treatment prescribed by my podiatrist, I advised Amanda that Puerto Rico is, actually, an element of the U . s . States, and pressed her to recheck Infinity’s policy about whether I possibly could receive my prescription there. Amanda responded that they only agreed to be relaying what she’d learned.

It is vital to notice that Infinity is to blame in my getting to them on the ‘life was imple’, but for the untenable delay in processing the prescription. Pursuant to Infinity’s initial 20-February-2014 message in my experience on my small mobile phone, I phoned it well, throughout their marketed hrs of operation, only to obtain an answering machine. Explaining that I don’t routinely monitor my mobile phone, I created a message asking Infinity to rather ring me at AAA.EEE.NNNN. On the contrary, on 21-February-2014, Infinity rang me AGAIN on my small mobile phone, departing a note. Once more, I phoned Infinity throughout their marketed hrs of operation, only (once more) to achieve a telephone answering machine.

For again I created a message explaining that I don’t routinely monitor my mobile phone, and emphasized (again) that Infinity should rather ring me at AAA.EEE.NNNN. You suspected it: Infinity once more known as me, for that THIRD time after my letting them know to not call me on my small mobile phone &hellip all over again On My Small Mobile Phone, and unlike my explicit instructions to ring me at AAA.EEE.NNNN. Infinity Compounding Solutions, including although not restricted to an alleged pharmacist named Blake, is culpable of conduct unbecoming. It’s difficult to subdue the longing to them idiots. Okay, they’re idiots.

Infinity’s embarrassing, unprofessional behavior forced me to search out an alternate compounding pharmacy, just before departing for Puerto Rico. If Infinity can’t be reliable to follow along with simple instructions recorded via voicemail – and also the details demonstrate beyond a shadow of the doubt they cannot – then just how can Infinity be reliable to fill a prescription to become sent across condition lines? Or, for instance, a prescription completed the condition of Arkansas? The shateringly apparent answer: Infinity can’t be reliable.

In situation you are looking at using the services of Infinity Compounding Solutions, keep in mind that Infinity’s egregious failure to concentrate, as happened within my situation, will definitely take place in others. Imagine you and your relatives not getting their prescriptions completed a prompt, accurate fashion, all due to Infinity Compounding Solutions’ cavalier, indifferent attitude.

Within my 22-February-2014 telephone conversation, I requested to speak with the manager working. In reaction, Amanda passed me to a girl whom Amanda recognized as a pharmacist, and whose name she gave as Blake. Blake declined to entertain my questions, rather claiming that the supervisor named John would get in touch Monday morning. This, obviously, was far too late to treat the issue. Blake also declined my request to supply me together with her license number, rather evasive for any purported pharmacist.. Undoubtedly Blake did everything she could to shirk responsibility. I acquired the distinct impression when Blake were really filling my prescription, she’d spit inside it.

Actually, John (Jonathan David) Gintonio known as me within 24 hours &hellip only once i had filed a complaint using the Arkansas Pharmacy Board. John’s vacuous apologies didn’t do anything to create things right. Also, as they did provide me with Blake’s surname, John may be the Pharmacy Manager at Infinity, and really should take place responsible for the ineptitude of his telephone message handlers, in addition to his weekend staff.

Why risk your wellbeing on the pitiful operation like Infinity Compounding Solutions? Get the prescription filled elsewhere.

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