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Pharmacy services - suburban pharmacy - ct Compounding       Compounding gives pharmacists infinite


Compounding gives pharmacists infinite options within the formulation of medicines and dosage forms for several healthcare purposes. A number of our customers, patients and medical professionals use us when commercially created medications cannot fulfill their own health care or professional practice needs.

Special Packaging

At Suburban Pharmacy, we provide our customers a method to organize multiple prescriptions in convenient and simple-to-carry packaging. Select from our number of packaging options by viewing our complete list.


We welcome appointment demands but we entertain walk-in patients. For walk-in patients, vaccines are susceptible to availability. For a summary of vaccinations, check out this site.

Delivery Services

Suburban Pharmacy will provide your orders so you won’t be required to result in the visit to our pharmacy. We bring healthcare to where you stand!

Supplements and vitamins

Suburban Pharmacy holds a variety of vitamins and health boosters available. You can put your orders via phone or visit our pharmacy to buy your wellbeing care needs. Check out our Vitamins pagefor more details.

Flavored Medication

Most medications offered off-the-shelf already are available in flavors that attract most sufferers within their target audience. However, when you have flavor or smell aversions from OTC drugs, this sets you aside from mainstream patients. You have to find other remedies and you may use compounding for flavored medications. Pharmacists can also add a flavor of the selecting: orange, apple, bubblegum, tutti-frutti along with other flavor bases.

Pharmacist Consultations

Go to our pharmacy and speak with our pharmacist within the company. We are able to discuss establishing a generic arrange for you or mention concerns regarding your medication therapy plan. Please set a scheduled appointment by providing us a phone call at 860-236-3564.

Complete OTC Department

Suburban Pharmacy provides an extensive assortment of Over-the-Counter Drugs which are priced competitively. We simply offer quality OTC medications for the people to treat a number of common illnesses.


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