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What We Should Learn About Your Company

Your Online connection as well as your POS system are the most important technology elements. Signature pads and label printers should always be functioning, because they directly impact what you can do for everyone the client and your processes flowing easily.

And we’re just getting began.

We all know a multitude of pharmacy systems and requires:

RX30, PDX, QS1, PACMED Machine, IVR, Dispense file feeds, Escript transmission issues, Web Refills and much more.

The Cardinal Health CSOS system for controlled drug orders is essential. Your home security camera system and the opportunity to gather video feeds and pictures for police force should always be enhanced.

The Way We Might Help

  • Report monthly on positive services, enabling you to adhere to the HIPAA security needs for Home windows Patch Management in addition to Anti-virus, network security and nightly data backup management
  • Configure your POS systems to conform using the critical PCI compliance
  • Use vendors and permit safe and sound use of your systems
  • Conduct monthly backups to ensure that information is being supported to avoid hardware failure and prep for disaster recovery


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