Medical lien funding companies our partners

Medical lien funding companies our partners at joining we and

Vegas Pharmacy, Corporation.

Vegas Pharmacy is dedicated to supplying patients inside the Vegas, Nevada area with sufficient and prompt pharmaceutical coverage on the lien basis without pricey out-of-pocket expenses, for individuals patients who’ve been involved with personal injuries claims. Call (702) 220-3906.

Capital Financing

Capital Financing offers clients use of Personal Injuries payday loans. Capital Financing may be the only company in the united states to provide legal payday loans without any risk, with no interest after 12 several weeks, which makes them the nation’s leader in pre-settlement payday loans. These advances possess a flat interest payment, no compounding interest, and Capital Finance won’t ever charge any upfront processing or origination charges. The funding could be available within 24 hrs. Call us at or call (888) 247-6998.

The Injuries Specialists

The Injuries Specialists’ program is Georgia’s largest open access medical program. The organization premiered in the year 2006 after realizing there is a vital have to provide use of health care for united nations-insured and under-insured people locally. The Injuries Specialists have produced an engaged website portal that enables attorneys, physicians, imaging centers, and hospitals, to talk with one another inside a simple community. To learn more visit

Medical lien funding companies our partners on the

Independent Sales Contractors

Infinity Health Connections works together with independent sales contractors in a number of States. If you are looking at joining we and also have connections to attorneys and/or medical service providers contact us in the link that follows, so we can discuss the payment method and the way to get began.


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