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Dan Fitzgerald Pharmacy provides a full-range of memory foam supplies for the every need. Sarah, our certified fitter is within the company to make sure fit and luxury.

Dan Fitzgerald Pharmacy has a complete collection of Surgical Stockings by Jobst, Truform, Bell-Horn yet others. Dan Fitzgerald Pharmacy also provides a complete selection of braces produced by Mueller, FLA Orthopedics, Bell-Horn yet others.

Elastic Supports

Made to provide firm, comfortable support for weakened muscles, tendons and ligaments, in addition to reduce possible discomfort and swelling. The soft, easy-care cotton/nylon fabric enables for breath-ability, maintaining your wearer awesome and comfy. Washable.

Cervical Collar

This soft cervical collar consists of soft memory foam while offering comfortable support while reducing mind and cervical vertebrae movement. Engrossed in a gentle ribbed stockinette cover promotes air flow and prevents heat buildup and perspiration, these collars could be earthworm easily night or day. A variable and convenient gripper material enables for fast and simple application and removal. Hands washable.

Back Support and Abdominal Binder

Made from elastic or perhaps a awesome, breathable mesh that gives contoured support for that back and abdomen. Aids in preventing injuries. Adjustable suspenders and Velcro庐 closures permit a personalized fit. Supports weakened stomach muscles helping reduce discomfort from respiratory system exercise. Elastic panels permit a custom made and promotes stability with the addition of consistent compression towards the abdominal region.

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drocms: please don't go to school to be a pharmacy technician, it's simply not worth it. if you want to be a pharmacy tech, get a job at a pharmacy, get nationally certified. expect to get have enormous work loads, a pharmacy manager with unrealistic expectations and patients who yell at you everyday锘

Ian Mccown: vietnamemperor123461 minimum wage in California is 10.50 an hour so still, 16-21 is pretty good considering.锘

vietnamemperor123461: Those people who work for $10.50 probably live together with somebody else a roommate, friends, family or getting government assistance. I'm talking a an average wage where you can live by yourself and I've been in Cali and I can tell you it almost impossible to live by yourself if you make anything below $15. Cali planned to raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2024. Especially for a an job like pharm tech where you can easily burnout and can kill somebody if you make a mistake you deserve more.锘

lileBlackmagic: these comments open my eyes a bit more thanks锘

Iridion Prime: a lot of patients are complete assholes with completely unrealistic expectations. They usually can't afford their medications and take it out on the pharm tech/pharmacist. And in turn, the pharmacist lets out their pent up fury on some poor schmuck i.e. the technician lol锘

padard: @Iridion Prime You have spoken the truth. LTC and hospital pharmacy are decent, but retail is a whole other monster.锘

Justin Ciezza: I only paid $1,000 for my course that runs a total teaching time of 50 hours. Provided each student with Pearson books and a teacher whose has great insight to many other positions as a PT she had worked as prior to becoming a teacher for this course. I heard people paying $30,000? That is insane. I am still in my course and i am already hired at a local community pharmacy. There is no need to pay so much to learn to be a PT. My teacher did tell us that within a few years people pursing a career to be a licensed PT will need to take classes and that it will be mandatory before getting hired. This will be my part time while i am attending a university to get some exposure and experience before becoming a Pharmacist.锘

Sydney Beltz: Pharmacy tech, not pharmacist.锘

Andreas Christodoulou: ohh i see its like a seller in a shop, instead of selling food and grocery they selling drugs??……..right ??锘

Mads: Really want to take this career path but everyone in the comments is saying not to锘

smokey bones: do it…thats what i do and i make 21.25 an hour,u just gotta work in hospital instead of cvs or walgreens锘

BigSouljaSODMG: Forget everybody in the comments. Do what YOU want. I'm in college getting my associates degree for this. I don't regret it. Once I get some experience then I'll be working on my bachelors in a different field. Life is all about steps. I rather become a pharmacy tech then work at a McDonald's or Starbucks锘

ruth alexander: this is the worst job in history! I worked as a pharmacy tech for 8 years of my life (wasted life) ..please don't go to school for this. it is a horrible and awfully demanding job. totally underpaid. I went back to school for massage and love my job now and make the same amount of money having to work only have the amount of work. customers love massage but hate pharmacies because think people are sick going to pharmacy and get relief from massage and their attitude really rubs off on you. pharmacy life is draining and super exhausting..Don't do it.锘

Cruella De Vil: ruth alexander How did you get to do the massage thing锘

ruth alexander: I went to a massage school for 8 months and got licensed. 锘