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OUR Hrs:

Mondays:聽 Therapy appointments 11:00 to at least one:00 Consult appointments 3:00 to five:00.

Tuesdays:聽 Consult appointments 11:00 to at least one:00 Therapy appointments 3:00 to five:00

Thursdays:聽 New patient intakes

Fridays:聽 Therapy appointments 11:00 to at least one:00


Consult = exams, tests, discussion of plan for treatment.

Therapy = acu-therapy session based on your plan for treatment hands-on therapy without discussion.

Hi! I’m Lori, office manager at Infinity Healthcare.聽 You’ve most likely spoken in my experience on the telephone if you’ve known as our office. Allow me to provide you with a little tour.img_lori-12-16

Although we’re located in the center of Morgantown’s medical establishment, and routinely make reference to conventional doctors, we provide many services that you simply can’t get in either mainstream or alternative clinics.

Outfitted For Nearly Anything

One factor that impressed me after i started working here was the amount of cutting-edge therapies offered.聽 We’ve got some condition-of-the-art equipment for performing electrotherapy, short wave diathermy, specific light box therapy, hydrotherapy, manual and motorized traction tables for individuals with spine problems, along with a fever tank to detox and boost immunity.

We make use of an electrophysiometer to judge disturbances in bodily processes, such as the more progressive clinics in Europe. Typically, Doctors of Oriental Medicine use physical examination and pulse diagnosis to evaluate their sufferers.聽 Dr. Negri, becoming an advocate of contemporary approaches too, loves to add this along with other tests as needed (urinalysis, salivary analysis, bloodstream tests, etc.) to insure that the accurate treatment methods are receiving. Electro-Dermal Screening can also be accustomed to identify low-level agents that lead for an illness, for example food sensitivities, volatile organic compounds, and unresolved infections. This non-invasive testing method has been utilized to resolve many chronic disease puzzles.

Additionally to traditional acupuncture, Dr. Negri uses electro-acutherapy, a non-needle approach that energizes the points having a mild current, without penetrating your skin (see Dr. Negri’s Unique Methods). Therefore the needle-shy don’t have to steer clear! Children especially enjoy this kind of treatment.

The clinic includes a large, pharmacy shelveswell-stocked natural pharmacy that contains an abnormally wide range of homeopathic and herbal supplements, dietary supplements, and naturopathic products. Your wellbeing problems may be treated by a mix of methods, so we attempt to have whatever you will need on hands for convenient relief.

The First Visit

Whenever you come for the first visit, a consumption is conducted, where Dr. Negri looks at the documents you’ve completed before the visit. You’ll talk together for around an hour approximately as they gathers information essential to evaluate your situation. Some simple tests are utilized to get to some fundamental factors inside your problem, and also the primary purpose would be to gather all of the important clues in regards to what kind of natural treatment would best assist with your wellbeing problems.

Having seen you, he analyzes the situation further and helps to create cure plan. Whenever you meet again, he is definitely the intend to only you can discuss the therapy and what to anticipate. There are lots of natural methods to treat anyone problem, now people so frequently have multiple issues that an extensive plan appears to operate best.聽 However, for those who have just one significant problem to become treated (for example back discomfort), the very first visit is easier and fewer costly.

Dr. Negri at his desk.

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