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Why ‘The Canada Pharmacy & Pharmacy’

For a long time, us citizens have driven within the Canadian border to buy medication.

The main reason with this continues to be the advantage of affordable prices. Canadian along with other

worldwide pharmacy drug prices happen to be reduced compared to prices within the U . s .

States. However, crossing an worldwide border simply to purchase medicine is

not really a lengthy term practical solution. To deal with your requirements and the requirements of other

patients as if you, we launched The Canadian Pharmacy, a Canadian online pharmacy,

over 12 years back. We provide you the advantage of a web-based pharmacy so we offer your

prescription medications at most huge discounts. Through our licensed pharmacies,

we deliver unmatched safety, savings and repair to customers over the U . s .


Online Canadian Catalog shopping and Internet Pharmacy

Are you currently ill? Are you currently housebound? Not have the time or the opportunity to go to your

pharmacy? For your benefit, we in the Canadian Pharmacy are providing the

ability of having the ability to buy your prescription medications straight from your

home. The Canadian Pharmacy is really a catalog shopping pharmacy – we’ll have your prescriptions

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You’ll receive world-class pharmaceutical products distributed with a fully licensed

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The advantages of ordering your prescription medications in the Canadian Pharmacy include:

  • Savings 鈥 We’ll save as much as 50% (or even more) in your prescription medications.
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  • Service 鈥 our friendly customer support agents are extremely knowledgeable and simple to

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  • Shipping 鈥 it’s usually free.

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FDA to CNN: Many online pharmacies selling fake medicine


hypnocil10: FDA are the real scammers锘

Earla Weese: hypnocil10 Exactly. I don't trust them. Look at how many scandals they have. They only care about MONEY.锘

TheButcher6969: So by cracking down on these fake medicines fixes the problem LMFBO. You'll spend giant amounts of money to stop them & cry that people aren't getting the proper medicine that they need but yet charge the people high prices they don't have the money for therefore can't buy! Right! So to sum it up people still will die or go without medicine they need but can not afford because their insurance won't cover it or you don't have the cash to pay for it! Makes perfect sense to me!锘

Alexander Everhart: BULLSHIT!!! Do some homework. Find a Canadian pharmacy that is actually a LICENSED Canadian pharmacy and you will get the same quality medicine for up to 90% cheaper than grossly inflated US prices. We are getting so screwed in the US with medical costs and pharmacy costs and it's because of the FDA!!锘

lejaders: There are Canadian pharmacies that are legally able to import medication to the USA for personal use, which are certified by CIPA and licensed in the province that they dispense from. That lady was right on every other level however, they will require a prescription and if they don't you should get the fuck out.锘

realPapaMidnight: Technically, Generic Drugs are fake drugs.锘

excel 876: It depends, if they're regulated and been fda approved to a well licensed pharmacy then it's legit pills.. Yes, if you don't know what you're doing then you could get fake generics..锘

lejaders: Not true. By law generics must contain the exact same amount of the active medical ingredients in the brand name medication, the only difference between the two are the binders and fillers that hold the medication together because only one company owns the patent on the original quantities of the binders and fillers in the recipe.锘

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