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Canada RX Live Show: RD7 – 2016 FIA World Rallycross Championship


Александр Сидоренко: Timur is the next victim of american politics!!! Fuck off Canada!!!

David Lombana: Politics? Because Hansen is American driving an American car???…NO try again. I can understand if Block was automatically given that position but most Americans don't even know about World RX so that comment is beyond stupid. Peter had been complaining about how aggressive Timur was all weekend. He got off easy the first time with how hard he hit Peter earlier. If he had backed off on that last corner it is very possible that Toomas would have lost control on his own. The problem was Timur being so aggressive simple as that.

tommi555wrc: Судей на мыло! Уроды! Тимур чисто прошел соперника.

3donce: Timur actually deserved the penalty. Loved to watch him drive, but judges penalized him for being repeatedly over-agressive, first he hit Solberg pretty hard and then clearly took advantage of pushing Heikkinen off the line. Great racing, rain really spiced things up and, yeah, Hansen was impressive!

Jonas: This is not a kids sport. Driving hard is the most admireble thing to do and I think the judges should have their jobs reevaluated instead of timurs spot in the final. Absolutely pathetic in my opinion.

Guy Geerts: judges can go fuck each other

Il'ya Occisor: Судьи наркоманы. В каждой гонке контакт, вплоть до прикладывания в отбойник! Но, только Тимерзянов, которого регулярно тюкали в предыдущих гонках, оказался злостным нарушителем, всего лишь легонько коснувшись соперника, явно менее удачно вошедшего в поворот. Бред полный. Забей на них Тимур! Отлично проехал!

Rasmey129 gaming: who agree that soldberg car is op?

Philip Gerner: Rasmey129 gaming why op?

Scansoz: solberg & marklund crash at 1:48:23 but where is replay ? no one can record it ?

JCPinia: They didn't even noticed the ambulance that was there while Hansen was celebrating and all the medical personnel with Solberg…

lakai2305: What the hell? Why the fuck did they disqualify timur? omg!

Jenson Jos: Judges just killed the race

Base Advance: This is rudiculous!!!\nYou really can see at 1:41:56 there is not any mark on rear bumper of Heikkinen!!!\nIt is completely stupid judgement!\nAt least they can just swap thier position, but completely deletion from the race it looks really strange and idiotic.\nThe race and my beleive in this sport died at 1:35:48

WhyIShootU: I know to us switching their position seems like a good solution even though i don't think he did hit him but you can't just make your own rules.. rules are set in place and it's automatic disqualification.. I just started watching rx btw