Buying prescription medications from canada: legal or illegal?

Rx photoA large number of U.S. citizens have found that one method to beat the cost of prescription medications is to find them from Canada, in which the government controls drug prices. First there have been organized bus journeys over the border to fill prescriptions. Now, licensed Internet pharmacies with names like and have popped up across Canada to fill orders from Americans.

The savings could be dramatic. A 30 tablet way to obtain the drug Abilify costs $199.70 from your online Canadian pharmacy, but $711.83 if purchased at Walgreens. One 10 capsule dose of Tamiflu costs $112.20 within the U.S. and under $50 in Canada. (Note: they are 2013 prices.)

But could it be legal to purchase medications from Canadian pharmacies? The reply is, technically no, but U.S. officials are letting it happen.

Underneath the Prescription Medication Marketing Act of 1987, it’s illegal for anybody apart from the initial manufacturer to create prescription medications in to the country. However, federal officials have made the decision to workout "enforcement discretion" in working with prescription medications introduced over the border, provided the medicine is not narcotics or any other controlled substances. Which means that as lengthy like a person revives a maximum of a 3-month supply for private use, border officials generally go looking another way, Thomas McGinnis, director of pharmacy matters for that U.S. Fda (Food and drug administration), told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in March 2001. Patients generally may order refills in amounts up to and including three-month supply without interference.

How about ordering on the internet? Prescription medications can’t be legally mailed in to the U . s . States by foreign "e-pharmacies." But once again officials are choosing "enforcement discretion," preferring to make use of limited sources to hack lower on large commercial drug supplies and narcotics, not prescription-drug shipments for private consumption. Thus, customs officials permit the companies to mail as much as 90-day resources of medications.

Even though it is relatively simple to purchase prescription medications from Canada on the internet, it might be harmful. Based on Consumer Reports, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), which accredits online drugstores additionally to representing condition pharmacy boards over the U.S., reviewed greater than 8,300 drugs online in This summer 2011 and merely over 3 % seem to be seem, i.e., not "rogue" operations. Additionally, some companies market themselves as selling Canadian drugs when they’re really selling drugs from around the globe and a few of individuals medicine is counterfeit.

There are many Internet sites patients may use to make certain they’re utilizing a legitimate online pharmacy.

  • VIPPS, the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site.
  • CIPA, the Canadian Worldwide Pharmacy Association’s website.
  • Pharmacy Checker, including Canadian drugs online, too.

For information in the Fda about buying drugs online, click the link.


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