Being able to access ‘the canadian remedy’

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  • Resourse: able to access-the-canadian-remedy/

How Health Canada licensed a fake children's remedy as "safe and effective" (CBC Marketplace)


Angelica Guerrero: She stuck her hand in a container full of mosquitos. That's dedication.锘

Toronto: That's West Nile Virus.锘

Matt Brewer: Props to the journalist for going into the mosquito cage锘

Tristan Sommerman: Does anyone else want to make their own medicine for a fuck ton of cash?锘

Jason Tran: yes pm me i will need $10,000 through paypal and i will give you a yearly salary of $100,000 and 50% of sales锘

Jan Rausch眉tz: Only for the Money, and not for the Jailtime, LOL锘

HieiTheFox: I have an insect repentant you eat its called garlic锘

Rott Sp眉nkeln: +J Allen Vampire too锘

g00gle minus: Is there no side effects for vampires?锘

Osiris Malkovich: Canada needs to stop legitimizing homeopathy as though it was real. It's been thoroughly debunked, and allowing those who sell this snake-oil to prey on sick people is completely immoral.聽锘

Adrienne Lee: This really bothers me. To know that Health Canada basically doesn't give a crap about the products it licenses. And as a mother of 2 kids under 6, I find it even more worrisome that the products I THOUGHT were safe for my kids, might not be. When you have a baby, or a toddler, in pain, running a fever, or battling a cold, you want to have SOMETHING safe you can give them. I guess that something won't be from the drug store…锘

LittleMaliceManny: You could give them proven effective remedies for fever. Like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or advil (ibuprofen is the most effective, iirc). Most of those come in children's versions for much lower doses. \n\nWhen you're dealing with fever, you shouldn't really mess around with products that may or may not be effective. Everybody knows that OTC pain medications work. Don't feed them more than the maximum daily dosage, and make sure you don't give them other remedies that include the same ingredient (cough, allergy, etc medications).锘

Noevilea: Homeopathic medicine itself is nothing but a con and when you look into their process of dilution with the associated claims it should be obvious why.锘

Ally Welty Peachey: Noevilea k锘

Travis Williamson: This is a tough one because there is plenty of evidence out there that pharmaceuticals pay doctors to prescribe their meds even when there are horrific side effects. Big pharma spends billions a year lobbying. Remember the movie Buyer's Club? Back in the day, AZT was prescribed at high levels to AIDS patients and it was basically killing them faster. I'm sure there are less hyperbolic and maybe even seemingly benign stories out there, but don't think for one minute that just because an FDA approved drug is being prescribed that it is perfectly safe. It's all about the $$$$$.锘