The canadian remedy: how you can save hundreds on prescription medications

The canadian remedy: how you can save hundreds on prescription medications ve got your Canadian

GRAND RAPIDS, Mi. – Within this story, we demonstrated you, it’s easy to save hundreds, even thousands annually by buying (in-person) your prescription drugs in Canada. Also it’s legal that you should drive them to the U.S.

So, you’re most likely wondering Is that this suitable for me, and how do you do that? Let’s take you step-by-step through this task-by-step, because of WZZM 13 sister station WGRZ —

HERE’S The Thing You Need:

-Proper identification. It’s essential. You can’t enter into Canada without either an improved Michigan driver’s license, or, an american passport, or, a Nexus pass.

For those who have your ID, only then do we proceed to the homework section.


Buying medications in Canada will make probably the most sense should you fall under one of these simple groups: (1) Don’t have any medical health insurance, (2) Possess a healthcare plan rich in deductibles or (3) Have healthcare insurance without anyOrsmall prescription medication coverage.

Almost everyone has some type of health care insurance. The bottom line is your out-of-pocket cost to purchase your medicines.

Frequently, that’s printed directly on your insurance identification card. For those who have a higher-deductible plan, you’ll have to seek advice from your insurer if Canadian prescription purchases will count toward that deductible amount.

In case your prescription co-pay is $50 or greater, going over the border for medications could make sense.

Create A List:

Write lower each medication, the quantity (tablets, etc.) and also the strength (usually in mg’s or ml’s, this will be relevant) and also the amount each drug costs you (in co-pays).

You’ll need that list for the following step, so ensure that it stays handy.

SHOP By Telephone:

Right over the Niagara River from Zoysia, you will find eight pharmacies. The majority are in Fort Erie and therefore are just moments away when you mix the Peace Bridge. These pharmacies are a mixture of small mother-and-pop stores towards the big chain varieties. We found, generally, they’re fairly close on cost.

An essential fact you should know. Its not all drug obtainable in the U.S. are available in Canada. For instance, you’ll find the anti-seizure medication Lamictal XR庐 (extended release) in the usa, but we simply found Lamictal IR (immediate release) north from the border, in a lower strength.

Vital: Substituting medications without talking to your physician first is an extremely bad idea. Don’t get it done. Check together with your physician before purchasing any medications.

Now, that which you’ll find whenever you’re prices Canadian prescription medications is they’re generally less expensive, as much as 90% cheaper.

For example we found lately (The month of january 2017):

-Some medications requiring a prescription within the U.S. can be found over-the-counter in Canada. You can buy both EpiPens庐 and insulin physician in Canada. The savings could be huge.

EpiPens庐 choose about $100 in Canada. Within the U.S., they’re typically around $300.

Insulin can also be much, less expensive. With the website, we found the entire retail cost of Humalog庐 at greater than $500 for any five-pack of injector pens. The identical drug in Canada costs under $60.

For those medications requiring a prescription, there’s yet another step:

Visit A CANADIAN Physician:

To obtain prescription drugs in Ontario, you’ll need a prescription order completed with a physician licensed to rehearse in Ontario. With Canada’s universal healthcare system, appointments can take time to obtain. But, you will find practices and clinics where one can just walk-in and find out a physician.

Dr. Hugh Mitchell operates a stroll-in clinic on Garrison Road in Fort Erie. It’s on the first-come, first-offered basis. U.S. citizens are billed $75. (That’s in Canadian dollars. However in U.S. dollars, that’s a little more than $56.)

Dr. Mitchell will perform a medical assessment, inquire and when you’re searching for prescription, he states he’ll need to visit a prescription from the U.S. physician (yes, you may still have an old-fashioned, hands-written prescription should you request one) , or a lately emptied prescription container, or, instructions out of your physician.

But, ignore seeking opiates or psychotropic drugs. Dr. Mitchell doesn’t write prescriptions for individuals. No exceptions.

Another Canadian physician-choice is the Fort Erie Group Family Practice. Work is situated at 238 Bertie Street (across the street from the Niagara Health Systems hospital.) Call ahead first: 905-871-9861.The practice has specific doctors who’ll write prescriptions for Americans. They aren’t working every single day. The charge to visiting Us residents is $40 (CAN), that is $30 in US funds.

Work manager at Fort Erie Group Family Practice states they’ll only write a Canadian prescription when the American patient includes a U.S. prescription in-hands. Doctors only at that practice won’t write scripts for opiates along with other addiction-prone medications.

What’s the next phase now that you’ve got your Canadian prescription?

Purchase Your CANADIAN Prescription Drugs:

Again, you’ve eight pharmacies to select from within the Fort Erie area.

Tip: For those who have any adverse health checking account through work, check and find out if you’re allowed for doing things in Canada. If you’re able to, you’ll be utilising tax-free $ $ $ $ and maximizing your savings.

Extra Tip: Save receipts. Who knows who may request them.

Extra-Extra Tip: Do your huge favor. Leave your recently-bought Canadian medications within their original containers, because that can make it simpler returning within the border.


Once the agent from U.S. Customs and Border Security asks you, “Anything to declare?…Are you currently getting anything away from Canada?”

You need to reply: “Yes, I purchased my medications.”

While wholesale importation (or, if you like, re-importation) of prescription medications in to the U.S. isn’t permitted, you’re allowed to come back with medications for “personal use”.

The Fda has the identical policy.

Now, we’re told that getting back greater than a three-month way to obtain any medication can get you extra scrutiny when coming back from Canada. So, by continuing to keep the drugs within their original prescription containers, inside a bag in the pharmacy, everything clearly labeled that they’re for you personally, that’s the easiest method to easily cope with customs.


Should you choose an online explore “Canadian drugs," you will definitely find offers for affordable prescription medicine using a website. We don’t recommend these websites.

Counterfeit pharmaceuticals are available. U.S. government bodies make busts of those phony drugs constantly.

These web sites appear to operate counter as to the Canadian government bodies have told us. Again, we advise you prevent them and shop in-person.


If one makes a go to Canada to buy your medications, please inform us (yet others) the way it went. If our directions here need tweaking, we’ll do this.

Hopefully that this post is useful, and when it saves all your family members money, then all of the better.

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