Plastics performance, optimal functionality

Trinseo could work together with your needs to decide on the most suitable material for furniture, household and recreational goods, toys, and food-contact, food-safe plastics, delivering to exact specifications.

Furniture and household goods

Consumers expect functional and sturdy furniture and household goods, in addition to appearance that meet current style trends. Our broad offering of materials solutions helps manufacturers address these needs with:

  • STYRON鈩 Polystyrene (general purpose) and STYRON鈩 A-TECH Polystyrene (high-impact), supplying toughness, impact resistance, as well as heat resistance for furniture, household products, and recreational products
  • TYRIL鈩 SAN Resins, MAGNUM鈩 ABS Resins, CALIBRE鈩 Polycarbonate Resins, PULSE鈩 PC/ABS Resins, EMERGE鈩 PC Advanced Resins, and EMERGE鈩 PC/PET Advanced Resins for durability, chemical resistance, and price efficiency for household and recreational products


Trinseo collaborates with a few of the world’s greatest profile toy manufacturers to build up the very best materials methods to enhance children’s learning and fun. We attempt to know and exceed key needs 鈥 high-quality product performance, optimal functionality, rugged toughness, and vibrant colors 鈥 by designing using the finish use within mind.

The toy manufacturers’ preferred option is STYRON鈩 A-TECH Polystyrene because of its high-impact resistance, attractive appearance, and sturdiness. These characteristics enable manufacturers to create attractive, safe, and cost-effective premium toys.


The Shocking Truth About Biodegradable Plastics


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