Consumer goods dominate video ads in canada – emarketer

Consumers in Canada are fans of internet video. The nation has among the world’s greatest rates of internet video transmission, and advertisers have started putting their cash where viewers’ eyes are. eMarketer projects that advertisers in Canada will expend $181.3 million on movie in 2013, which spending increases to $360.5 million by 2016.

New research from Videology implies that the customer goods sector, particularly, is leading this transition to video ads. Based on Videology’s research into the 77.a million movie impressions offered in Canada in Q4 2012, the customer goods category taken into account 38% of video ads. That’s greater than double the amount share from the next largest sector, entertainment, which taken into account another 17% of video ad impressions.

Digital Video Advertiser Share in Canada, by Industry, Q4 2012 (% of total)

The big most of video ad impressions ongoing to become offered to computers, while 18% of video ads were offered to connected TVs and merely 8% were offered to cellular devices.

Digital Video Ad Impression Share in Canada, by Device, Q4 2012 (% of total)

Male consumers were uncovered to some slightly bigger share of video ad impressions than female consumers. Probably the most targeted age bracket, intriguingly, were 45- to 54-year-olds, who received 23.4% of video ad impressions. More youthful viewers weren’t particularly well symbolized: 18- to 24-year-olds composed just 12% of total impressions.

Targeting Methods Used by Digital Video Advertisers in Canada, Q4 2012 (% of total ad impressions served)

Additionally, roughly three-fourths from the video ads were geotargeted鈥攖he greatest power of a specific type of targeting. Geotargeting might be much more relevant in Canada, where language and native accessibility to services and products can differ broadly between regions. One-quarter of video ad impressions were also “dayparted,” i.e. offered in a specific time.


Budweiser 2017 Super Bowl Commercial | “Born The Hard Way”


Bob Sherman: When all the trump crybabies are offended by the portrayal of a TRUE story with no political agenda, all because there was an immigrant in it.锘

Jack Griffin: I'm Republican and I still don't get why people are so offended by this. Yeah, I find the acting pretty bad, but I see nothing offensive about this commercial.锘

Jason Taylor: How is this offensive to anyone??!!! If this bothers you, you need to ask why!!!锘

Karl Wright: This is a high-quality, big budget ad. They didn't make this in the last week. It's not even about the immigrant ban. It's a story about the American Dream, and how he pursued it.锘

Karl Wright: It worked for him, I suppose. Lots of people become salesmen and marry into families to become successful. Maybe not the most impressive or admirable way I agree, but it worked.锘

WhiteDudeInABlackHoodie: The story of a legal immigrant who, despite facing challenges, rises up to start his own business which would later become a household name. Sounds like the most American story ever锘

Grant Gass: WhiteDudeInABlackHoodie Yeah your right, people get mad because Budweiser wants you to think these are the immigrants we are rejecting. That's why im against this commercial because now that there's an immigration crisis they want to advertise their roots, these are not the people were rejecting and that's not how we are rejecting them and it's wrong to advertise it as such! I'm coming here after veiwing a report on a new vetran inspired beer can produced by them that's why i think this ad is gaining relevance again.锘

ronjon83: #NotMyBeer锘

JCBodybuilding: Yeungling beer is americas oldest brewery ��锘

El Jacko: wait. But the dude came legally… I thought that's what they wanted? Why the hate?锘

Germany East: "America would be nothing without German immigrants"\n\nAnheuser-Busch signature in St. LouisBudweiser beer is widely known in America. In 1870, the German emigrants Eberhard Anheuser and Adolphus Busch founded the brewery in St. Louis, which rose to the largest in the country. In 2008 the Belgian competitor InBev bought the company for $ 50 billion.\n\nMarcus Goldman:\nMarcus Goldman, a Jewish immigrant from Unterfranken, founded the famous investment bank in New York in 1869. His son-in-law Samuel Sachs joined the company in 1882, which then became M.Goldman & Sachs from 1885 onwards.\n\nJohn D. Rockefeller:\nThe legendary oil legend John D. Rockefeller. He also had German roots, which lead to the proximity of today's Neuwied. His ancestors emigrated as early as 1723.\n\nCharles Pfizer:\nKarl Pfizer, a chemist born in Ludwigsburg in 1824, who immigrated in 1848, founded the present-day Pharmariesen in New York together with his cousin Charles Erhart. Today Pfizer is about 50 billion dollars.\n\nGeorge Merck:\nGeorge (Georg) Merck was sent from the Darmstadt mother house to America and founded in 1891 the US subsidiary. This was expropriated in the course of anti-German politics during the First World War in 1917, and is today one of the largest stocks in the Dow Jones Index in the US under Merck & Co..\n\nLevi Strauss:\nThe famous blue jeans from market leader Levi's. The roots of the company date back to the year 1853, when the Jewish emigrant L枚b Strauss founded textile trade in San Francisco. Levi Strauss later became a member of Loebstrauss. Levi's is still family-run.\n\nWilliam Edward Boeing:\nIn 1868 Wilhelm B枚ing emigrated to America. His son, Wilhelm Eduard, who later called William Edward Boeing, founded the Boeing aircraft works in 1916\n\netc.锘

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