Consumer goods design library – form

Rapidly designing someone product just like a Quadcopter drone isn’t any simple task. It takes effective, sophisticated design tools to assist with everything else from sketching suggestions to modelling standard plastic features. With SOLIDWORKS you receive exactly that, in addition to accessibility information required to make critical decisions earlier, so that you can cut design some time and take the innovative products to promote faster.

With SOLIDWORKS solutions, you are able to:

  • Streamline your consumer product design workflow
  • Sketch in Industrial Designer and simply shift sketches into SOLIDWORKS 3D atmosphere
  • Simulate real-world conditions to check design element performance
  • Validate the performance of plastic injection-molded parts
  • Reduce errors, cut cycle occasions and support industry standards
  • And much more

Whether you’re locating mounting bosses or dealing with electronics, SOLIDWORKS enables you to pay attention to your design, not CAD.


The global consumer goods industry in 2030


Pedro Luiz Perrucci: Wonderful video. Give us a very good ideia what is the tendency of the consumer packaged goods industry .锘

Rowan Gontier: Great video. Hope that McKinsey introduces public comments in its mobile App.锘