An enormous amount of chance

An enormous amount of chance The way we do it

Reynolds Consumer Products

We be proud of our well-known and reliable brands, including Reynolds Wrap® foil, Hefty® trash bags, slider bags, and disposable dinnerware, as well as in 2014, we added Alcan® foil, Canada’s top foil brand. Our goal would be to still earn your belief and provide new items and product enhancements which make managing a household simpler. 

The way we do it is only as essential as these products we sell. Integrity is very vital that you us we drive results through mixing innovation and working together. Most our products come in the U.S. and Canada, and also the safety in our employees is our main concern. We put safety first, always. 

Our customer relationships derive from a lengthy good reputation for trust. Make certain to create not just our individual products effective and still provide insights to the retailers which help enhance the product category.

An enormous amount of chance who will let us achieve

We are searching for those who will let us achieve our goals, including professionals in marketing, HR, IT, operations, logistics/logistics, finance, and much more. Relax and take a couple of minutes to see what a lot of our employees think about working here.

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