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Feb is Pet Oral Health Month, discover the shocking truth below in our clinic cat Walli’s daily teeth brushing!

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If you reside in Winkler or even the area in Manitoba, then you’ve selected the right site to locate a vet. Our veterinarians are licensed veterinarians, treating all kinds of pets and creatures. Your dog’s health insurance and wellness is essential to we and us will require each step to provide your dog the perfect care.

Winkler Veterinary Clinic is really a complete animal hospital and can take both emergency cases in addition to less urgent medical, surgical, and dental issues. Our veterinarians are familiar with all kinds of conditions and coverings. Beyond high quality pet care, we make our clinic comfortable, kid-friendly, along with a very calm atmosphere so that your pet can unwind within the waiting room and expect to meeting his very own Winkler vet.

We have many sources that you should learn on how to take better proper care of your pets. Look around and check out our articles and pet videos. The very best veterinary take care of creatures is ongoing diet and problem prevention. If you wish to ask an issue call 204-331-4200 or send us an email and we’ll quickly respond. Winkler Veterinary Clinic is extremely easy to get at, and you may find directions on the Call Us page. You may also sign up for our e-newsletter that is produced specifically for Winkler pet proprietors. Among your veterinary visits, your dog may benefit of your stuff studying these free informative articles.

At Winkler Veterinary Clinic, we treat your pets such as the valued family people they’re.

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Vet visit and vaccination 012


grand master flash: man. I just went today for my kitten and the vet just banged the needle in her stomach like a butcher will talking to me. And the guy helper said nothing. after looking at a few videos, tomorrow, I am going to punch the man in the teeth so help me god. I don't care if I go to prison, seriously he will get it. and I will tell every one to know by all means to never go there. maybe even go to the journal. ohhhh yaaa!!锘

Karen Schrader: Great video, thank you for making it! 聽 The only disappointing part is the vaccination being given in the no longer recommended spot of the neck/shoulder, rather than the newest recommmended location for the FVRCP vaccine in the LEFT FRONT LEG.锘

Lisa Martin: +Karen Schrader Thank you for the reply! It is my understanding that the reason some give the shot in the left front leg is so vets universally know where the shot was given and other vaccinations are given in other legs. If giving the shot yourself, my understanding is that it is safer to give young kittens the shot between the shoulders. Please let me know if you have different information. Thanks!锘