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I’m very excited to express the HEMOCODE™ Food Intolerance System. The bottom line is it’s completely congruent together with your clinic, no investment/cost, and also the Naturopath does the majority of the work.

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  1. Completely congruent with Weight Reduction Clinics.
  2. No contract. No commitment.
  3. Customer support is supplied by Mind Office.
  4. Gemoscan (company that gives HEMOCODE™) is really a Canadian company. Mind Office is within Toronto which is on the TSX Venture and stock markets in Germany.
  5. Covered under Naturopathic Services of all health plans for the entire family.  This can create another vertical inside your clinic and never lower your clients’ disposable earnings for the monthly charges.
  6. A Naturopath can come for your business (should have no less than 2 clients dedicated to doing the Hemocode system), acquire bloodstream samples using a finger prick, take bloodstream samples together to Mind Office, return by 50 percent-4 days (determined by your volume) to consider bloodstream examples of another 2 clients (minimum) and also to give invoices/evaluate the results with previous clients. Customized menus, intolerance lists etc., receive to clients inside a professional top quality package. If you haven’t guaranteed no less than 2 new customers, for instance you’ve only one new client for any bloodstream make sure 6 clients who’re to get their results, you’ve got a couple of options. All 7 clients can be delivered to another HEMOCODE™ clinic in your town to consult Naturopath for bloodstream tests/results Or even the previous clients’ results could be mailed along with a phone/skype call could be arranged by Mind Office having a Naturopath.  Another choice is Assignment of Care by our NDs for youOryour company. Completing a 15-20 minute web based course is needed.​  Most companies normally have between 5-20 new customers for each HEMOCODE™ Clinic.
  7. Massively increase referrals for family people and buddies. When your clients start to experience health enhancements they’ll unquestionably refer others.
  8. A very good way to improve the booking of inactive clients. An e-mail by having an embedded 3 min marketing video is going to be provided at no cost.
  9. All marketing material including posters, pamphlets, video for reception/waiting area, and embedded email videos is going to be provided at no cost.
  10. A web-based course is provided at no cost when you register. Instructions will be presented within the Welcome Package.
  11. Video tracks are for sale to download and could be performed inside your reception/waiting area and submitted on your website. Power point slides about HEMOCODE™ can also be found at no cost.  Here’s a good example of among the videos (3:50 mins) which you’ll stream in the Dr. Oz website.


  12. Client is billed $499 sometimes bloodstream sample is taken. Applying HEMOCODE™ to your clinic should dramatically increase the amount of new customers to become subjected to your intake process. But most significantly, it truly is important in people’s lives.
  13. Click “Referrals” to know our compensation system for referring other clinics/companies to all of us.
  14. Check out hemocode.com and then click “Real Stories” to witness the outcomes individuals are experiencing.
  15. If you wish to move ahead please click Registration and in the list, download the Account Setup Form from the one who referred you. Complete and fax to 416.650.5700 or email to customerservice@hemocode.com. A welcome package including posters, pamphlets, counter poster, etc., will be delivered to you once Account Setup Form form is received.

For your success,

Dr. John Wolfs, Electricity

I’m prepared to register. Let’s get began!

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One further factor. HEMOCODE™ has been provided by some Rexall locations but bloodstream done under pharmacist. You pay $450. Clearly totally different from what we should are providing.

Resourse: http://drwolfshemocode.com/weight-loss-clinics-canada/

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