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Here’s what to do in BC…

  • Details about abortion and pregnancy
  • Where you’ll get emergency contraception
  • Clinics that perform abortions (Lower

    Landmass, Victoria, and Kelowna)

  • Hospitals in BC that perform abortions
  • Abortion costs
  • second and 3rd trimester abortions

For details about abortion services in other areas of

Canada, go to

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can one have more information or counselling about abortion and


  • Pregnancy Options Line: 604-875-3163

    outdoors Lower Landmass: 1-888-875-3163

  • Details of Existence Line: 604-731-7803

    outdoors Lower Landmass: 1-800-739-7367

  • Choices for Reproductive Health Clinics (formerly Planned

    Being a parent): 604-731-4252

  • the abortion clinics listed


Beware: There are several groups that provide pregnancy

counselling, but who’re against abortion. They don’t provide

accurate info on abortion, and might try to talk you

from it. Bring in more business include Birthright

and Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Let’s say I have just had unprotected sexual intercourse?

Emergency Contraception (sometimes known as the Morning After

Pill) could be adopted to 72 hrs after unprotected sexual intercourse.

It functions by stopping or delaying ovulation.

In BC, now you can get Emergency Contraception over the

counter at pharmacies. About 1000 pharmacists in most regions of BC

are certified to prescribe it directly and immediately, without

a doctor’s intervention. There is also emergency

contraception from hospital emergency departments, Planned

Being a parent clinics, some medical clinics, and supportive


For additional info on Emergency Contraception, call

1-888-NOT-2-LATE (1-888-668-2528). Or visit the website

This website also offers searching feature which will list pharmacies

and clinics supplying EC in your town (click "Getting EC in

the united states and Canada".)


that offer abortions

You will find six clinics in BC that offer abortions, four within the

Lower Landmass, one out of Victoria, and something in Kelowna. All of

them offer pre- and publish-abortion counselling, and will help you

decide the very best decision for you personally. You do not need a doctor’s

referral just call to create a scheduled appointment. You’ll most likely be

needed with an ultrasound, that the clinic may either do

for you personally, or request you. Waiting here we are at a clinic abortion

can vary between one and three days.

  • Everywoman’s

    Health Center: 604-322-6692 (surgical abortions as much as 13

    days, 6 days)

  • Elizabeth

    Bagshaw Women’s Clinic: 604-736-7878 (surgical abortions

    as much as 16 days, 6 days)

  • C.A.R.E. Program,

    BC Women’s Hospital: 604-875-2022 (surgical abortions as much as 18


  • Willow Women’s

    Clinic: 604-709-5611 (medical abortions as much as 7 days,

    using methotrexate)

  • Vancouver Island

    Women’s Clinic: 250-480-7338 (medical abortions as much as 7

    days, surgical abortions as much as 22 days)

  • Women’s Services Clinic, Kelowna General Hospital:

    250-980-1399 (surgical abortions as much as 12 days open eventually

    per week only)

Note: Some clinics are capable of doing surgical abortions as soon as

5-6 days pregnancy.

Hospitals in BC that Perform Abortions

If you cannot visit among the clinics listed

above, you have to get yourself a referral to some physician who performs

abortions inside a local hospital. In case your own physician will not refer

you, or maybe you won’t want to see your family physician, call the

Pregnancy Options line at 1-888-875-3163 to acquire a referral or

more details (604-875-3163 within the Lower Landmass).

You will find over 30 hospitals in BC which are

specifically designated (needed)

through the provincial government to do abortions, although

other hospitals frequently perform them, too. To locate a hospital in

your neighborhood that performs abortions, please call her pregnancy

Options line at 1-888-875-3163

(604-875-3163 within the Lower Landmass).

Abortion Costs

Abortions have the freedom in BC for those who have BC medical

coverage. (Could also be electric power charge for medications not

included in MSP.) As lengthy when you are a Canadian citizen or arrived

immigrant, and also have resided in BC for that

last three several weeks, you will get medical care coverage. It is a

lot less expensive than an abortion.

If you’re covered under another person’s medical plan and do not

would like them to discover, don’t worryinformation on abortions is

stored strictly private through the Secretary of state for Health. Hospitals

and clinics will also be obligated to help keep secret what they are called of

patients who’ve abortions.

If you have resided in BC for under three several weeks (or you are not

a homeowner), the price to have an early abortion is all about $450 to

$600. A number of which may be reimbursable when you be eligible for a BC’s

medical plan. Also, some although not all provinces will compensate

former residents who’ve abortions in BC, but who’ve resided in

BC for under three several weeks.

If you cannot manage to repay front, speak with among the

clinics, or contact her pregnancy Options Line.

Clinics might be able to assist with funding or payment plans in

special conditions.


and 3rd Trimester Abortions

Most abortions are carried out within the first 12 days of pregnancythe

first trimester. A couple of doctors in BC do abortions on request up

to around 20 or 22 days, in addition to a couple of clinics in Ontario,

Quebec, and Washington Condition. Abortions can also be found after

22 days within the rare event that the existence or health becomes

seriously threatened through the pregnancy, or perhaps in installments of serious

fetal abnormality.

Contact her pregnancy Options Line for

a lot of second and 3rd trimester abortions, as well as for

assistance in acquiring such abortions out-of-province, too

as help or advice in covering costs.


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