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The Reasons research clinic at BC Children’s Hospital provides genome-wide sequencing for kids as well as their parents who’ve complex, undiagnosed disorders and therefore are not able to acquire a diagnosis by standard testing.

CAUSES (Clinical Assessment from the Utility of Sequencing and Evaluation like a Service) is really a study to look for the clinical impact of genome-wide sequencing for kids in BC with undiagnosed disorders.

The Reasons research clinic will:

  • Test a minimum of 500 children as well as their parents by 2018 to recognize disorders that will formerly go undiagnosed.
  • Provide genetic counselling, interpretation of complex test results, personalized treatment recommendations, and use of improved services for kids who get a diagnosis from genome-wide sequencing.
  • Help accelerate diagnoses, prevent additional tests, reduce medical complications, and perhaps, save lives.
  • Provide many possibilities for discovery and therapeutic research which will benefit patients at BC Children’s Hospital together with the BC Children’s Hospital BioBank (also funded by Mining for Miracles) along with other investigators at CFRI, throughout Canada, and round the world.

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How to Fix Urination at Night (Nocturia)? MUST WATCH!


mdTEACH05: It's crazy how everything is related to sugar !!锘

ann jean: You are amazing and so generous. I thank you so very much for sharing this valuable information. May you always be blessed.锘

D. Davis: Wow, thanks Dr. Berg! After 3 days, I'm not peeing all night. I'm sleeping!锘

Rob K: Grains (gliadin: barley, wheat, rye and glutens in oats, amaranth, buckwheat, rice) and Dairy are the worst things a person with diabetes can consume. NEJM reported 2008 that these are the cause of collateral damage to the beta cells that produce insulin. Cutting these things out of the diet will reduce your blood sugars. This is all from NEJM and The studies have all been done. We don't hear about this because the meat and dairy industry have too much power. Pharmeacutical companies suppress this information because diabetes is a $300 billion a year industry) Think about why this wasn't on the evening news…!锘

mike beck: I used to urinate a lot at night, and I think it has something to do with melatonin and all the blue light nowadays, so your body doesn't know when it's night. When I bought a pair of blue light blocker glasses, right away, I noticed I would only urinate once or not at all at night. So that could also be a reason for excessive urination at night. I recommend everyone to try it, you will probably sleep deeper and and have less disturbances at night, because your body actually knows it's night time. The glasses are only 10-20$. So the risk reward is huge.锘

Margie Leslie: Would you please address Interstitial cystitis? This is what gets me up at night. Baking soda gives me relief but I would love to know how to get rid of it altogether.锘

Fasil Ahmed: I love you for this and all your videos. thanks!锘

mr bad example: i'm screwed, i drink 10 or more beers before bed, LOL锘

Amira: Doctors are very clever and cunning. They tell you,you have to live聽with that pathology with the rest of your life,that there's no cure and you have to share your life with this problem and that you have to take medicines forever. In my opinion they are in agreement with the pharmaceutical companies. They don't even ask you聽what you eat,directly to the pharmacy. So shameless. YOU ARE MY SAVIOR BERG ! LOVE YOU FROM FLORENCE!<3锘

Ann Long: Great info, but it's "fewer" meals. Less food, fewer meals. If you can count it, the word is fewer; if you can't, it's less.锘

Roberto Flo: huh, cut the fruits? I eat apples, kiwis and papaya to start the morning following the "one apple a day keeps the doctor away." And eat grapefruit, orange and honey dew at night to hydrate after 2.5hrs on the gym. i never thought eating them could be harming me. Not sure if i can let go as they also cleanse tommy and help w/digestion…锘

MARLEEN BUELENS: 2 meals a day is ok茅, but my problem is that i stay up very late and am always hungry before ging to bed and i have tried it for sooooo long, but i can't sleep when i am hungry, so i eat a banana and i fall asleep fast, is this a good idea or not? and what else cn i do then?锘

Newhope 84: Frustrating.. Every thing has sugar. I get up every couple of hours at night, pretty much since i had my first baby. My bladder just can't hold very much at all.锘

Natasha: I went YEARS getting up many times using the bathroom, I switched to a Keto diet and it has totally STOPPED! I might get up once with a completely full bladder. That's it! Thank you so much Dr. Berg! (It took about a week of a Keto diet)锘

mjdrummin1: is Bragg's nutritional yeast a good brand?锘