Cannabis clinics (canada) – encounters, success, grievances

Cannabis clinics (canada) - encounters, success, grievances At no reason within my
Canadian Cannabis Clinics – Whitby

The Great: They do not bill patients, they bill the provincial government, little else best to say.

Unhealthy: Tele-medicine also known as skype Dr. & Urine tests in small filthy bathrooms which have old tests around the counter and piss and trash everywhere. THC limitations are automatic during first round of appointments, unsure when they is ever going to relax that. OH and there wasn’t any bicycle rack… I needed to chain my bike up next door…

Personally I’d rather not return due to the fact I’d rather not catch contamination attempting to provide a sample inside a small filthy bathroom… I do not need weed that bad! (it isn’t fear mongering, I’ve a car-immune cluster disorder, that’s my disability and infections happen allll time, I acquired ringworm in the YMCA, I recieve sick each time I visit the walk-in clinic, and that i also have become a mystery skin infection in the waiting room in a specialists office)

What else…. I stated I personally use 1 gram each day and that he authored a script for 15g/month @ 15% THC. Also as he requested basically had any knowledge about marijuana I stated "I am very experienced" and that he chuckled at me (I did not discover that funny) He then requested me about my encounters with marijuana with regards to Ankylosing Spondilitis along with other auto-immune cluster disorders and that i told him the high THC marijuana enables me to workout without discomfort, and reduces my inflammation via COX inhibitor cannabinoids and TNF-alpha blocking cannabinoids, then he began to visit off on the rant about CBD and just how CBD may be the medicinal compound in marijuana and THC is simply for recreational… ugh… I felt like walking out at that time, there wasn’t any conversation, 2-way, his beliefs were absolute before I ever got within the room, no rapport whatsoever, all him "saying how it’sOrhow it will likely beInch

Cannabis clinics (canada) - encounters, success, grievances recreational market, so donThen shit got weird… he explained "don’t return here requesting greater THC %, LP’s will explain to inquire about your physician for greater THC %, but that is since they’re preparing for that recreational market, so don’t return the next time requesting 20 or 30% THC"

At no reason within my trip to the clinic did I recieve upset or confrontational, I had been polite, respectful and calm, plenty of Yes, please and procedures, I am excellent personally!

Anyhoo, YMMV, they are my very own encounters and opinions


What to expect from marijuana law reforms in Canada


canadiansmarties: I love this they are talking realistically compared to any other news where they get caught up in whether or not it should be legal. it's going to be legal no matter how much you don't want it to be. these people are asking what are the next steps forward and how to regulate it, that's the kind of discussion we need.锘

canadiansmarties: +Suge212 I completely agree! it's good too see that some people have a brain and don't just follow whatever the government says is right just because they "always have the answers". Yeah they might have answers but that doesn't mean they are the right ones lol. Keep on researching and educating man and have a good day :)锘

Omuerta Genetix: This guy is SO ANTI DISPENSARY ITS NOT FUNNY…Clearly He is in this to line his pockets.. To label all dispensary products as coming from "Hells angels" is laughable…. This guy and his "Clinic" IS WHY WE NEED DISPENSARIES.锘

Michael Stewart: The war on drugs will continue. More harm done to those who Harm no one . Sad really锘

swaggy p: lol, there is zero harm in smoking weed unless your an unstable person to begin with, legal pot helps people not go buy off shady dudes who might be trouble, war on drugs has been going on for 30 year, it has failed, it is time to legal and tax it and to help people addicted to more serious drugs like cocaine heroin etc rather then throwing them in jail锘

gadorfadil: Sorry, most medical marijuana dispensaries do NOT sell their products under a "medical rooz", and DO require legitimate proof of ailments.\nAnd unlike the misinformation being spread by Big Pharma, there ARE doctors associated with most small medical marijuana dispensaries.锘

Michael Bergstrom: +gadorfadil Why just the other day I walked into a very clean looking establishment all I said was that I was interested in trying their product and they sold me a very, very, expensive eighth with a ten day "permit". It was a very hassle free experience, I don't have any medical need for marijuana. \n\nI'll stick to the black market until the prices improve.锘

JonathonWager: wtf u need a doctors note u retard to buy from a dispencery锘

N M: If you listened he said some do need one. I know for a fact there are some that will just give you a card with very little effort. My room mate walked into a dispensary and got one in ten minutes. He was 19 at the time.锘

The Nightman: +Noah Medel what name and exact location ?锘

N.E.U.R.O.OFFICIAL: This guy seems like a real dweeb锘

Wisdom King: Pot has been used for thousands of years with no problems but they say 聽it is an evil weed so we need 500 new laws聽? People may smoke it and the crime rate will triple聽? All the kids starting at 4 years old will quickly start to smoke it and the down fall of man kind will begin ? Just legalize and everything will be fine.锘

Suge212: +Wisdom King Legalization is NOT decriminalization. People will still continue to go to jail for Cannabis related offences long after Canada legalizes it. A black market will continue to thrive and our kids will continue to defy their elders and use it. \n\nDecriminalization is the answer. The only aspect of Cannabis that should be regulated, are the mass producers who sell commercially on a large scale or those who sell via a storefront. Everyone else should be free to grow, give away to friends and sell just like people do with the extra produce from their gardens. \n\nLegalization on the other hand is like this……As long as you purchase and consume Cannabis according to the regulations set by the government, you wont go to jail. \n\nLegalization in Canada will look something like this…….\n\n1.) Only wealthy entrepreneurs or businessmen will be able to afford to become licensed producers of Cannabis.\n2.) Only official retail Centers approved by the government will be able to distribute Cannabis. \n3.) There will be a per person limit as to how much Cannabis one can purchase and posses. \n4.) Only medical Cannabis patients will have the option to grow a limited amount of Cannabis.\n5.) There will be an age restriction of 18-21 or older, to be able to purchase and consume Cannabis.\n6.) Black markets will target youth more heavily as they will lose some of their customers to the commercial sector.\n7.) Many people will continue to use the black market to obtain their Cannabis due to high commercial prices.\n8.) Law enforcement will continue to profit from Cannabis related arrests and sting operations. \n9.) Law enforcement will create a false epidemic, that there is a dramatic increase in Cannabis related DUI's. \n10.) If dispensaries are eventually permitted, they will have to purchase product from a licensed producer. \n\nLegalization is a government and corporate money grab and NOTHING more. Decriminalization is the best way for Cannabis in Canada for the people.锘

Jae A: Don't let lcbo or shoppers start selling they are just afraid it will hurt there Business and it will锘

Fitz Peasant Warrior: People have their own grows anyway. They don't deal with gangs and they sell it themselves. Cheaper? People pay anywhere from 25 too 40 for a 1/8 up here. How much do people pay for a half quarter in a dispensary or gov clinic? In the future people who grow their own will have to deal with crazy ,draconian laws. Don't forget the taxes. Either the GOV gets a piece like the Mafia or nobody gets to smoke weed. Be careful what u wish for. On the positive side I see a lot of jobs that could come of this.锘