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Additionally to public medical service providers for example primary care doctors and hospitals, many private clinics offering specialized services also be employed in Canada.

Under federal law, private clinics aren’t legally permitted to supply services taught in Canada Health Act. Not surprisingly legal issue, many provide such services.

The benefit of private clinics is they typically offer services with reduced wait occasions when compared to public healthcare system. For instance, acquiring an MRI scan inside a hospital could require having to wait of several weeks, whereas it may be acquired considerably faster inside a private clinic.

Private clinics really are a subject of debate, as some believe that their existence unbalances the care system and favors treatments to individuals with greater incomes.

Costs privately clinics are often included in private insurance plans, that will typically pay around 80% from the costs.

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BC doctor mounts legal challenge for private healthcare clinics


unfortunatebeam: The people who advocate private healthcare always bring up the same tired problem with the public system: long wait times. This seems to be really all they got in their ARSEnal that they could ever remotely hope to convince any serious number of people that聽private care is better for them because the vast majority of Canadian citizens otherwise know the universal healthcare system is good for them and generally works for them. Wait times are sometimes a problem, but it doesn't come anywhere near justifying abandoning the public system for a private one . Unless you are in the upper middle or upper classes, about 20% of the population, the universal system is by far the best that works for the other 80%. A private system would be just one more way conscienceless big corporations can price gauge you and profiteer, off your ill health no less. There’s a reason why there’s millions of Americans who don’t have healthcare, it’s because of the private system and the profiteering insurance and pharma聽companies that exploit it.聽 It does nothing for the lower income earning people. It’s a cruel system that spits on the poor. Any attempt to change this system here should be met with nothing short of massive protests and sweeping country wide civil unrest. Because anyone who isn’t a deluded reactionary conservative ideologue (because believe it or not there’s lots of small c conservatives in Canada who fully support public healthcare) knows what the real problem is: it’s not long wait times, the problem is the big business goons aren’t making obscene wealth off the medical system.聽 That’s the real “problem”, now isn’t it?锘

yaimavol: +unfortunatebeam uh huh, just like the VA here, where supervisors put the most sick patients on death lists and let them die. Government healthcare.锘

unfortunatebeam: +yaimavol Yeah….and how often has that actually happened? Even so, is that supposed to be worse than using security to keep dying people literary out in the cold from getting into a hospital? Private healthcare.锘

DIONYSUS LIMIT BREAK: so a millionaire Chinese want a private system in Canada and you support them? Fuck you dude锘

Jerell: Incentives create solutions.锘

Ben McKean: Two tier would probably be a good way to go 100% privatized. Socialized systems are the worst. If you take the average income of Canadians and the expenses in the provincial and federal budgets, then the average person pays approximately $8k a year. \n\nTaking out the problems of our neighbors to the south, which is their insurance, and go directly to the hospital it would make it super cheap. I know of a doctor in the states who doesn't go through the insurance companies and deals directly with the patients for all of their health needs. He provides 100% coverage for only $38/month. That works out to $480 a year. Quite a bit less then $8k/year and he provides way way way more then what you would get in anywhere in Canada. This is also not the "super expensive" myth that many people believe. \n\nRemember everyone. Socialism sucks no matter what it is. Capitalism ALWAYS makes things cheaper for the consumer, at a higher quality and the provider gets more money.锘

M Bos: I'm Dutch and I can give a first hand account of how our healthcare changed when our governments privatized our healthcare. Our healthcare was privatized years back along with much of the public sector. We were聽told how wonderful it we be for everybody and most of the arguments I read in this comment section were exactly the things we were told. It would be cheaper for everyone and it would attract the best doctors from across the world and bla bla bla. Now, years later, there have been cases where someone diagnosed with cancer was denied treatment by the insurance company because the treatment was deemed "controversial" by the insurance company's "experts", even though the treatment was a success in the US for over a decade. Some people were lucky enough to get crowd funded to be treated in the US, but some people actually died as a result.Things like dental care聽is not covered by the basic insurance policy and requires a more expensive policy, otherwise if you have dental decay, you're screwed and no matter in how much pain you are, you won't get help. But if you want a sex change, no problem. That's covered(NO joke). I just named a few things from the top of my head here and I'm sure there's many more outrageous cases聽worth mentioning. Also, even though we were all promised it would be cheaper for every one after the privatization, the day it actually got privatized it became clear that monthly we would pay double the amount, averaging about 100 euro's when before it was about 40. Add to that the fact we have to cough up the first 350 euro's if you get sick(which usually is enough to pay for your own medicine). That means before we spent about 480 euro's annually on healthcare and if you got sick you were treated to the best of our abilities. Now we spend 1550 annually and chances are you won't even get treatment because the insurance company can declare any treatment "controversial" at will, which means you won't get treatment, even if it means you'll die as a result. !550 euro's comes out of your own pocket annually before the insurance companies spend a single euro on your treatment.聽Meanwhile, the CEO's of the insurance companies live in mansions and drive Bentleys. Privatization will only mean the focus becomes profit, and it's simply cheaper to let people die than to pay for care that may cost several thousands of euro's. Just my two cents.锘

CyberneticCuldean: Those are excellent points but, I don't think he is advocating the abolishment of our socialized healthcare, I think they want a second option. The waiting times here are outrageous, surgeries take months to get, and if you have a time sensitive disease like cancer, you can die on the waiting list. Plenty of richer Canadians go to Mexico for dental work, or the US for cancer treatment if they can afford it. It's like that old clip of Harper said, there is already a second option for the rich Canadians.锘

unfortunatebeam: Awesome post! Really reveals the grand lie about private health-care systems. Of course聽it's not beneficial to the vast majority of any country's population, and only serves to enrich and benefit the fewer. The case in your country is just more proof of that. But why didn't your people fight for your public system? Why wasn't there protests or civil unrest against such a ludicrous聽thing as privatizing it? Whatever happened, you need to change it back, restore what's rightful and just to聽the people of your country.锘

freewheeler88: When you hear arguments for "Equality " you know you're dealing with the Liberal/Left,"Equality Uber Alles" should be one of the Lefts Slogans,people are dying while the Left is Smugly Glowing over Canadas Fair and Equal Health care system where Rich and Poor line up for Medical treatment when the Rich or even Middle Class could free up the public system by going to private clinics and getting immediate treatment聽allowing public clinics and hospitals to deal quickly with those that go that route..锘

hillcon45: But the Rich and upper middle class already do! Canada has a GREAT amount of private clinics since the health care system isn't universal AT ALL!!!\n\nRich people can pay the price they want for physicians and medical procedures, since the health care system isn't 100% public. \n\nMy parents earn enough so they didn't want to wait in the public system to get a physician so they got a private physician. It costs them money to get a consultation.\n\nYet, I'm a student working in a pharmacy 20 hours a week and I earn 20'000 $ a year and my girlfriend is a student nurse and she earns 30'000 $ a year, we don't want to pay to see a physician so we have a private physician paid by our private and public. We have to call 1 week in advance (sometime a month) to get a schedule consultation, but that's with our private physician. Last year I had a depression, I saw my physician 4 times in a 3 months period paid 100% by the public program. He referred me to a psychiatrist and a psychologist. My private insurence, that I pay through my job, covered 20% of the psychologist and 100% of the psychiatrist, and my private insurence covered 80% of the medication. \n\nWhile my girlfriend sees our physician at least once a year for her vagina check up and stuff. All of this while we are students, with debt, working our asses off!\n\nToday, I'm about to finish my studies as a pharmacist and my girlfriend is about to be a bachelor nurse. I'll earn over 130'000S a year and she'll earn over 100'000$ a year. We'll have children, a house and pay our taxes to contribute to our healthcare system… Basically the health care system in Canada isn't left and fair. It is adapted and right. \n\nI'm right wing when it comes to economic policies, and Canadian health care is right-wing oriented which and perfect for our country.锘

puppetsock: It isn't only wait times. It's also services that are flatly denied. I have a varicose vein in a tender location. The urologist tells me that the don't fix these for聽men over a certain age, and nor do the fix them unless the man is trying to father children.聽 Plus, they tell me I can't switch urologists for one year after the first consult, because specialists get a big fee for their first consult.So I am stuck. Considering going to an American clinic and paying out of pocket.You can keep your government run health care. Frankly, I find it to be a pain in the balls.锘

masscashstacks: Shut up, pay your taxes, and don't ask any questions! That's how the idiots in charge want it.锘

skulay: When you have money to burn, you will shout for private healthcare. But if you are anywhere in the lower middle class and down, you are so screwed. This is just a way for corporate companies to get in on the slice of the public pie. This is not a left or right issue. It is common sense that companies only care for profit and not the society as a whole.锘

Mike Powell: Yep insurance companies collude with government. Then you end up with a system almost as bad as just straight socialism. We need to do way with insurance companies, at least as they are now and student loans while we are at it.锘